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2009 Legislative Session
2009 Legislative Wrap-Up
A blur of bills dominated the Legislative landscape as the 75th Legislative Assembly concluded. June 29th closed the session as Sine Die ajourned legislators. 2009 Legislative Wrap-Up Information 

Office of State Fire Marshal Introduced Bills
SB 88 Cardlock program funding (fiscal sustainability issue) - This concept changes statute to increase funding to avoid an imminent funding shortfall in the 09-11 biennium, and clarifies statutory language by removing duplicative and outdated verbiage. 
SB 89 Amends state explosives statutes (streamlining and compatibility with federal laws) - Eliminates overlapping regulation of the explosives industry between the state and federal governments by allowing compliance with federal explosives regulations to satisfy state requirements. 
SB 90 Prohibits the sale and distribution of novelty (toylike) lighters - Prevents youth set fires by prohibiting the retail sale and distribution of novelty (toylike) lighters in Oregon and impose civil penalties on noncompliant retailers. (See HB 2365. This is the one being voted on)
SB 91 Liquified petroleum gas program fee increase (fiscal sustainability issue) - This concept changes statute to increase funding to avoid inadequate ending cash balance in the 09-11 biennium to allow program to continue to operate at the same service level. 

Bills Tracked by the Office of State Fire Marshal

Unless otherwise specified, legislation takes effect January 1, 2010

 House Bills Senate Bills 
HB 2052 
Signed by Governor, 5/26/09
Requires governmental entity establishing specified facilities to obtain advice from subcommittee of local public safety coordinating council. 
SB 77 
Signed by Governor, 7/23/09:
  Effective Date 7/23/09
Establishes process to declare public safety services emergency in fiscally distressed county that fails to provide minimally adequate level of public safety services.
Senate President signed, 7/13/09
Creates or adjusts sunset provision for certain personal income or corporate excise tax credits...
SB 88 
At Speakers' Desk upon Adjournment, 6/26/09
Increases fee for nonretail fuel facilities 
Public Hearing Held, 4/8/09
Expands definition of “hazardous substance.”
SB 89 
Signed by Governor, 5/26/09
Exempts person authorized to possess explosives.
HB 2166 
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Directs State Forester to serve as Governor’s authorized representative.
 SB 90 
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Prohibits selling, offering for sale or distributing novelty lighters.
HB 2200 
Signed by Governor, 7/14/09: 
Effective date 7/14/09
Establishes certain fees to be charged in connection with elevator safety program.
SB 91 
Signed by Governor, 7/23/09
Increases examination fee charged applicants for licensing related to liquefied petroleum gas.
HB 2227 
Work Session Scheduled, 6/29/09
Modifies provisions for citing destination resorts. 
SB 102
 Signed by Governor, 4/15/09
Extends air quality provisions relating to emissions from woodstoves to solid fuel burning devices.
HB 2229 
Signed by Governor, 8/4/09
Establishes main principles for state land use. 
SB 189 
Signed by Governor April 15, 2009
Clarifies obligation of owner of timberland regarding payment of assessments and taxes.
HB 2365 
Signed by Governor, March 4, 2009: 
 Effective Date 3/4/09
Prohibits selling offering for sale or distributing novelty lighters. 
 SB 325 
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Permits properties within exclusive farm use zones to be used for other purposes.
 HB 2375 
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Eliminates authority for conditional use of land in farm use zone for aerial fireworks.
 SB 467
 In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Prohibits local government from applying special approval criteria to single family dwelling solely because dwelling contains five or fewer roomer accommodations.
 HB 2420 
Signed by Governor March 19, 2009
Established presumption that certain cancers are compensable occupational diseases for non-volunteer firefighters.
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Adds facilities and assets for law enforcement and fire control to list of capital improvements for which local government unit may assess and collect system development charges.
 HB 2456 
Referred to Business and Labor, 1/29/09
Requires amendments to state building code to require installation of piped air refilling station systems in new high-rise structures.
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Removes prohibition against adoption, amendment or enforcement of local ordinance, rule or other local law regulating manufactured dwelling park closures or partial closures.
 HB 2457
 In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Allows journeyman plumber to design fire sprinkler systems in 1 & 2 family dwellings.
 Signed by Governor, 7/14/09: 
 Effective Date 7/14/09
Prohibits certain field burning in specified Oregon counties.
Referred to Revenue, 5/4/09
Relating to tax credit for emergency medical technicians. 
Signed by Governor, 3/17/09: 
 Effective Date 3/17/09
Relating to state financial administration
HB 2539  
 In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09 
Prohibits use of firework items within city limits having population of 300,000 or more.
Signed by Governor, 6/30/09
Modifies definition of hazardous substance to include decabrominated diphenyl ether.
eferred to Transportation, 2/10/09
Allows motorcycle operator to replace discharge nozzle after dispensing fuel
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09 
Allows income tax credits for volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians...
HB 2550 
Referred to Human Services, 2/10/09  
Directs OLCC issue limited number of smoking licenses to certain taverns.
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09 
Directs Office of Emergency Management to develop and operate statewide first responder building mapping information system.
 HB 2559 
Public Hearing Held, 3/26/09 
Removes requirement to monitor ethanol fuel production, removes requirement to sell only gasoline blended with ethanol.
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Relating to a model railroad on resource land.
 Signed by Governor, 7/22/09 
Relating to energy use; appropriating money; limiting expenditures; and declaring an emergency.
In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Exempts hookah bars from definition of "smoke shop"
 In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Creates crime of unlawful disposition of tobacco product.
On Speakers desk upon Adjournment, 6/24/09
Relating to costs incurred by state
Public Hearing Held, 3/10/09
Repeals income tax credit for gross premium tax paid by insurers on fire insurance policies.
Signed by Governor, 3/17/09 : 
 Effective Date 3/17/09
Appropriates moneys from General Fund for Biennial Expenses
Signed by Governor, 6/26/09
Increases membership of Board on Public Safety Standards and Training to 25 members...
Referred to Revenue, 3/09/09
Allows collection of system development charges by local government...
Public Hearing Held, 3/19/09
Authorizes weddings and other commercial gatherings that do not involve overnight stay...
Signed by Governor, 6/26/09: 
Effective Date 7/1/09
Limits State Fire Marshal or local approved authority to one inspection of alteration or construction of building or structure...
Signed by Governor, 7/16/09
Provides that qualified emergency service volunteer is agent of public body under Oregon Tort Claims Act...
Public Hearing held, 3/31/09
Allows income tax credit for volunteer firefighters providing services in rural areas.
HB 3219
 In Committee upon Adjournment, 6/29/09
Describes method by which owner or person in charge of hotel or motel may comply with requirement to post signs giving notice of smoking laws.
Referred to Land Use, 3/13/09
Modifies siting requirements for destination resorts on or near agricultural lands.
 Referred to Land Use, 3/13/09
Modifies provisions for siting destination resorts...
Signed by Governor, 6/24/09: 
 Effective Date 9/28/09
Relating to special districts
Referred to Agriculture, Natural Resources,    Rural Communities, 3/13/09 
Reduces maximum percentage of fire protection costs State Forester may assess to landowners.
 Referred to Agriculture, Natural Resources,
 Rural Communities, 3/13/09
Extends authority of rural fire protection district to include up to five acres of forestland without owner's consent.
Referred to Human Resources, 3/18/09
Modifies definition of "smoke shop" in Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act
Referred to Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Communities, 3/16/09
Changes non-farm uses outright permitted and conditionally authorized on land zoned for exclusive farm use.
 Referred to Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Communities, 3/13/09
...requires state Board of Forestry to identify areas deserving priority in harvesting of downed trees based on fire danger, disease, insects or other considerations.
 Referred to Sustainability and
Economic Development, 3/13/09
Requires urban renewal plan that includes acquisition of emergency vehicles to report how vehicles will benefit urban renewal area.
Signed by Governor, 6/25/09: 
Effective Date 6/25/09
Prohibits transferring title to single-family dwelling or multifamily housing that has carbon monoxide source unless dwelling or housing is equipped with carbon monoxide detector.
Referred to Veterans and
Emergency Services, 3/13/09
Modifies basis upon which Governor may declare state of emergency.
Signed by Governor, 6/15/09
Allows Director of DCBS to establish temporary programs to train and certify specialized building inspectors...
Signed by Governor, 7/22/09 
Relating to motor vehicle fuel
President of Senate signed, 7/20/09 
Relating to financial administration of the Department of State Police
 HB 5038
 Signed by Governor, 7/7/09: 
 Effective Date 7/7/09
Approves certain new or increased fees; fireworks.

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