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CR2K Information Access


Information collected by the Community Right To Know (CR2K) unit is available to fire service personnel, emergency planners, emergency management agencies, local emergency planning committees, health professionals, environmental consultants, and the public.

Information can be provided in a variety of formats, from online searchable databases with pre-set queries to reports with a specific focus.

Citizens and businesses may request to receive public reports of the Hazardous Substance ​Information Survey and Hazardous Materials Incident information. For purposes of tracking, requestors must complete a Hazardous Materials Information Request form.

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Hazardous Substance Information System (HSIS) Software

The Hazardous Substance Information System (HSIS) database is available as a Microsoft Access software application. The HSIS software is interactive and contains data from the Hazardous Substance Information Survey. The software includes facility demographic and facility-specific chemical data (including quantity and storage). On-screen help, preset queries and a manual assist users in accessing the information.

Secured Information

Some of the information reported by facilities is confidential and secured. There are two versions of the HSIS software. The Fire Version is available to fire service personnel and other emergency responders. The Public Version is available to the public with the confidential and secured information removed. For more on secured and confidential information, click on the following link: Secured Information Overview.

HSIS Software Access Options

The HSIS software is available by internet download or on CD. A Hazardous Materials Information Request form must be completed and submitted to access the HSIS information. Those requesting internet download receive a username and password. Once you have a username and password, return to this website and open the HSIS Extraction Instructions for system requirements of HSIS, and uninstalling and extraction instructions. If you request the software on CD, the instructions will be included on the CD. CDs will be sent by regular mail.

Download HSIS Software

NOTE: It is very important to uninstall all previous versions of the HSIS software prior to downloading the latest HSIS.exe file. Please follow the HSIS Extraction Instructions to uninstall previous versions.

Public Version of HSIS (last updated December 2, 2013)
Please Uninstall any Previous Version First!
HSISPublic.zip (Public Version)

Fire Version of HSIS (last updated December 2, 2013)
Please Uninstall any Previous Version First!
HSISFire.zip (Fire Service Version)

HSIS User Manual (last updated October 8, 2013)

Fire Version Add-ons: The following two databases may be saved to C:\HSIS. These tables work with the HSIS software to store inspection information and attach facility site plans. These tables are optional and not necessary for the program to work. If you choose to use these tables, do not download them in the future or you will overwrite any existing data.

Inspections Database

Site Plans Database

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HSIS CAMEO-Ready Data Files

The Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Suite assists emergency responders and planners with hazardous material planning. The program is available for free from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website at http://www.epa.gov/osweroe1/content/cameo/cameo.htm.

The OSFM creates CAMEO files containing data from the Hazardous Substance Information Survey. These data files can be imported Districtectly into the CAMEO database.

Emergency responders and planners may request CAMEO-ready data files by completing the Hazardous Materials Information Request form. Specify on your request if you want the data for a particular Hazmat Team, Fire District, county, zip code, or statwide.

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

MSDS are available for many of the substances in the HSIS database. There are three ways to access MSDSs.

  1. The MSDS searchable database is available online at: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Searchable Database
  2. MSDSs can be received on DVD by completing and submitting a Hazardous Materials Information Request form. (This would be for those who need to access the MSDS's from a remote location where internet access is not available.)
  3. An MSDS pdf or hard copy can be sent to you by completing the Hazardous Materials Information Request form.
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Hazardous Materials Incident Reports

Since January 1, 1985, the OSFM has collected Hazardous Material Incident Reports from emergency responders.  Hazmat incident information is available in the following ways:

  1. Online Searchable Database: Shows hazardous materials incidents reported through 12/31/2009.
  2. Excel Hazmat Incidents: Shows hazardous materials incidents sorted by City, then Incident Zip code, Incident Street Number, and Incident Street Name. Does not include Action Taken. For Full Report, provide Incident Date and Service Name in your request.
  3. CD: Complete the Hazardous Materials Information Request form to request a CD of all hazardous materials incidents. The CD will contain a Microsoft Access interactive database of incidents reported 1986 through 12/31/2009, plus separate Excel spreadsheets of incidents reported in 2010 and each year thereafter, to date.
  4. Electronic pdf of Hazmat Incident Report: Complete the Hazardous Materials Information Request form to request a copy of a specific Hazardous Materials Incident Report.​
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Searchable Database

You can search any of the databases online. These searchable databases have preset queries to assist you with the most common searches.

Hazardous Materials Incident Searchable Database
The Hazardous Materials Incident Searchable Database displays the key information pertaining to incidents. Incidents reported prior to 1/1/2010 are included in this database. For incidents reported after 12/31/2009 (from January 1, 2010), refer to the Hazardous Materials Incident Reports section (above) for the appropriate Excel spreadsheet.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Searchable Database
This database provides access to Material Safety Data Sheets for many of the substances reported to the CR2K unit.

If you have any questions about information access, please contact the CR2K Information Assistant at 503-934-8353, or email sfm.cr2k@state.or.us. Please use the Hazardous Materials Information Request form to request customized reports.

Hazardous Substance Searchable Database - Discontinued
Thank you for using the Office of State Fire Marshal, Community Right To Know, Hazardous Substance Searchable Database. 
This tool has become outdated and has been removed from service.  Because of changes with current technology, we are unable to maintain the data at this time.  We hope to be able to provide a service similar to this in the future.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
An alternative method of searching for hazardous substance information reported by facilities in Oregon would be to request access to the Hazardous Substance Information System (HSIS) software.  This is a program which provides state-wide data that can be downloaded from our website.  To learn more about this valuable tool, we invite you to visit our website at:
If our office can be of further assistance or provide a custom report for a few addresses, please contact the Information Assistant at sfm.cr2k@state.or.us, or call 503-934-8383.  Thank you!
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