Occupational Therapy Licensing Board

RFA #4212 for Field Consultants for Environmental Modifications
The State of Oregon, acting by and through the Department of Human Services (“DHS”), has issued a solicitation for individuals or entities to provide one or more of the following services: write a Scope of Work for environmental modifications; assist client’s or client delegates to obtain the services of a construction contractor; oversee environmental modification projects approved by DHS; and inspect completed environmental modifications or adaptations. Applicants must currently have one of the following:
·         Occupational Therapist License;
·         American Occupational Therapist License with specialty certification in environmental modifications; Certified remodelers who have the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) Certificate or similar certification;
·         Rehabilitative Engineering Society of Assistive Technology of North America member;
·         National Association of Home Builders with Certified Graduate Remodelers (CGR) certification;
·         Certified Aging in Place Certificate (I&II);
·         Certified Environmental Access Consultant (CEAC) with ADL and IADL certificates;
·         Oregon Construction Contractors Board; or
·         Executive Certificate in Home Modifications (USC).
Interested Service Providers can access all related documents for this RFA through the ORPIN system, the official notification and procurement system used by the Office of Contracts and Procurement in accordance with DAS Rule OAR 125-246-0353.
If you are not registered in ORPIN as a supplier you will need to do so in order to download the procurement documents.  ORPIN registration is completed thru ORPIN Registration fields found in the ORPIN located on the left side of the webpage. There is also an online handbook that can be helpful with information about registration. .
The link to ORPIN as follows:
To search and find DHS 4212-16Field Consultation for Environmental Modifications” search using the ORPIN search engine “Browse Opportunities” while registered in ORPIN. The easiest way to search is to use the “Advanced search”, and enter the Opportunity Number DHS-4212-16, or search by Agency for “DHS”, either search should result in a listing for DHS-4212-16, with the title “Field Consultation for Environmental Modifications “an icon picture of a book will appear, click on the book icon to see the procurement details. Document download of documents for RFA 4212-16 require for you to answer the highlighted inquiry from the ORPIN system “Interested In this Procurement”, and upon affirming your interest a file folder titled “Attachments” will be visible. There are Attachments “A” through “H” that will need to be reviewed along with actual RFA file RFA 4212-16 that describes what DHS is needing for Field Consultation for Environmental Modifications.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I can provide some direction with the ORPIN system however the system is operated and maintained by the Oregon Department of Administration (DAS). For further assistance from DAS please call the ORPIN Help Desk at (503) 373-1774 or send then an email at info.orpin@oregon.gov.
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