Occupational Therapy Licensing Board

New Rule Amendment:  Adopting the AOTA Code of Ethics (2015)
Permanent rule filed:  2/16/2017
 339-010-0020 Unprofessional Conduct
(1) Unprofessional conduct relating to patient/client safety, integrity and welfare includes:
(a) Intentionally harassing, abusing, or intimidating a patient/client, either physically or verbally;
(b) Intentionally divulging, without patient/client consent, any information gained in the patient relationship other than what is required by staff or team for treatment;
(c) Engaging in assault and/or battery of patient/client;
(d) Failing to respect the dignity and rights of patient/client, regardless of social or economic status, personal attributes or nature of health problems;
(e) Engaging in sexual improprieties or sexual contact with patient/client;
(f) Offering to refer or referring a patient/client to a third person for the purpose of receiving a fee or other consideration from the third person or receiving a fee from a third person for offering to refer or referring a patient/client to a third person;
(g) Taking property of patient/client without consent.
(h) Failing to follow principles and related standards of conduct as defined in the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics (2015), by the American Occupational Therapy Association, to the extent they do not conflict with ORS 675.210 through 675.340.