Sector Partnerships

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What are they?

Sector partnerships are partnerships of companies, from the same industry and in their natural labor market region, with education, workforce development, economic development and community organizations that focus on a set of key priority issues identified by the target industry. Traditionally, sector partnerships have focused on workforce development issues, but today's sector partnerships focus on issues related to an industry's overall competitiveness. 

They are employer-driven; they are regional; they are coordinated by a credible convener; they act as a coordinating body across multiple education, workforce development, economic development and other programs; they create highly customized responses to a target industry's needs, and therefore result in highly accurate solutions.

Sector partnerships must have an active convener. This could be workforce development, economic development, community colleges, organized labor entities, or community-based organizations. In some cases, even a company may act as a convener. No sector partnership is ever successful without members of industry acting as leaders, informers and champions.