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Governor Kate Brown wrote a letter to the OWIB and others in the workforce system on December 7, 2016. In it, she affirmed that her priorities “are protecting services for children and lifting families out of poverty” by paying “attention to communities who are frequently underserved – communities of color, our rural communities, and families in poverty.” She asked OWIB and the workforce system to evaluate:

  • Current and future programs to ensure that job seekers are put on a trajectory to break the cycle of poverty through placement in high wage, high demand jobs or jobs with robust training, a clear career ladder, and advancement opportunity.
  • Current and future programs to ensure businesses are aligned with existing state priorities and strategic plans and that they invest in workforce training and contribute to long-term economic growth.

Governor Brown’s original letter and all responses are provided below:

​Governor Brown's Letter to the Workforce System
​December 7, 2016
OWIB Initial Response Letter ​January 6, 2017
OWIB Response Letter ​January 6, 2017
Oregon Workforce Partnership Response Letter
​January 6, 2017
​Rogue Workforce Partnership Response Letter
​January 6, 2017
​Workforce System Executive Team Response Letter
​January 6, 2017
​Department of Human Services Response Letter
​January 6, 2017
Bureau of Labor and Industries Response Letter ​January 3, 2017
Oregon Community College Association Response Letter
​January 6, 2017