Strategic Plan for Oregon's Workforce Development System
Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), states are required to submit a single, coordinated plan for all core programs under the law. To assist the Governor in the development of the state plan, the Workforce Talent and Development Board (WTDB) has developed a four year Strategic Plan​ to create the road map for the workforce system to capitalize on its strengths, identify and address obstacles, and promote continuous improvement of services through actionable recommendations and guidance.
The Strategic Plan, adopted on September 18, 2015, identifies four key goals critical to successfully achieving the WTDB’s stated vision.
Goal 1: Create a customer-centric workforce system that is easy to access, highly effective, and simple to understand.
Goal 2: Provide business and industry customized workforce solutions to prepare and deliver qualified and viable candidates and advance current workers.
Goal 3: Invest in Oregonians to build in-demand skills, match training and job seekers to opportunities, and accelerate career momentum.
Goal 4: Create and develop talent by providing young people with information and experiences that engage their interests, spur further career development, and connect to Oregon employers.
Strategic Planning Process
The WTDB chose a planning process that was highly interactive and focused on input from a variety of stakeholders across the state to ensure buy-in and ownership from those who will share responsibility for implementing the plan’s recommendations. Focus groups and interviews were held to gather feedback from various stakeholders. Planning subcommittees composed of WTDB members, system partners and subject matter experts met from June through August. After the first draft of the subcommittees’ goals and strategies was created, community forums were held in each of Oregon’s nine local workforce areas to react to the draft and provide further input on the direction of the strategic plan.
Appendix B of the Strategic Plan summarizes the feedback gathered and input received during the strategic planning process.
Next Steps
Even though goals and strategies have been identified, the planning process is not complete. The WTDB will organize strategic planning subcommittees to define the next section of this strategic plan – the section that addresses, “Now what do we do about it?”
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was passed in 2014 and replaces the Workforce Investment Act. The goal of WIOA is to improve the quality of the workforce, increase economic self- sufficiency, reduce welfare dependency, meet employer skill requirements, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation. To learn more about WIOA implementation, please visit Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - Oregon.

​​Workforce and Talent Development Board Planning Forecast​