Committees & Workgroups

The WTDB Bylaws allow it to have standing committees and ad hoc committees (also known as joint committees, taskforces, and workgroups). This provides an effective mechanism for developing recommendations or to carry out the charge for the board outside of board meetings where time is limited. Individuals who are not on the board may be asked to serve on a committee or workgroup in order to have representation of a broad group of interested stakeholders.

Committee and workgroup meetings are open to the public. Ultimately, the committees and workgroups will bring the proposals and/or recommendations to the full board for discussion and action. Members of the public will be able to comment when the topic is brought to the full board.
Currently, the WTDB has two standing committees which are listed below. By clicking of the title of the committee, you will be directed to the committee's page where you'll find additional information.

The WTDB also has two active taskforces. Clicking the taskforce title will also take you to the Taskforces and Workgroups page where you can find more information.