Committees & Workgroups

The OWIB mission is to advise the Governor on workforce policy and plans and contribute to the economic success of Oregon by aligning state workforce policy and resources with education and economic development; promoting a proactive, flexible, and innovative talent development system; and by holding the workforce system accountable for results to ensure Oregonians develop the skills they need to sustain rewarding careers and businesses have the talent they need to be competitive. In order to carry out this mission, the collective workforce system must successfuly implement the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

The implementation of WIOA is the OWIB's current, overarching priority including the charge (expressed in WIOA) to continuously improve the workforce development system. The Continuous Improvement Committee (CIC, formerly the WIOA Implementation Committee) provides leadership and oversight of this critical priority. The primary responsibilities of the CIC are to discuss and approve priorities for the continuous improvement of the workforce system consistent with WIOA, state policy,and OWIB goals and strategies; review key workforce system issues (alignment, coordination, barriers, and others) and recommend strategies and approaches to address these issues; identify and recognize proven and promising practices and develop strategies and recommendations to expand them; review key performance and accountability elements in the workforce system, identify key findings, and recommend strategies to maximize performance; review key aspects of local board sustainability and recommend strategies to improve sustainability and support high-performing workforce boards; and track progress of continuous improvement projects, initiatives, policy, and guidance and recommend adjustments to priorities and approaches as needed.