Committees & Workgroups

In addition to the standing committees established by the WTDB, there are ad hoc committees (joint committees, taskforces, and workgroups) that help accomplish the work of the WTDB.
•    Joint Committees strategically align effort between organizations to increase communication, efficiency, and effectiveness.
•    WTDB Taskforces are issue or project-focused and have a shorter duration. Once the issue is resolved or the project completed, the
     Taskforce is sunset.
•    WTDB Workgroups are less formal and used as needed.
There are currently two active joint committees, taskforces, or workgroups.

Youth Taskforce

All of the four goals identified in WTDB’s Strategic Plan apply to youth. However, Goal 4 specifically calls out this important target population – Create and develop talent by providing young people with information and experiences that engage their interests, spur further career development, and connect to Oregon employers. Recognizing that the current youth population is tomorrow’s workforce, this goal focuses on providing opportunities, in partnership with business and education, for young people to experience and understand the local economy to inform their future careers through a variety of partners, programs, and services in local areas.
The Youth Taskforce meets to discuss and understand the unique challenges and opportunities of young people considering education and training, career, and employment and to make recommendations regarding effective strategies to address challenges or take advantage of opportunities based on available data, research, and best practices in Oregon and across the country. There is a particular focus, required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014, on out-of-school youth who must be aged 16-24, not attending any school, and who meet one or more additional conditions (e.g. school dropout, basic skills deficient, homeless, runaway, and others).  Membership of the Youth Taskforce is appointed by the Chair of the WTDB in accordance with the bylaws.
Meeting Schedule
January 13, 2017
February 16, 2017
March 24, 2017- CANCELLED

April 28, 2017
June 23, 2017


Strategic Planning Taskforce

The WTDB Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for the workforce system to capitalize on its strengths, identify and address obstacles, and promote continuous improvement of services through actionable recommendations and guidance. The WTDB's Goals and Strategies guide local workforce development boards, but are not an implementation plan for local services. Local boards determine how the work is done, creating plans that will work for the unique characteristics of each area. The current WTDB Strategic Plan was approved in September 2015.
The Strategic Planning Taskforce meets to discuss and recommend possible modifications and updates to the WTDB Strategic Plan that are needed or desired based on changes affecting the workforce system over the past almost two years. Some examples of these changes include a new Governor, fuller implementation of WIOA, transition of the Talent Plan to WTDB, and new and promising workforce strategies. Membership of the Strategic Planning Taskforce is appointed by the Chair of the WTDB in accordance with the Bylaws.
Meeting Schedule
May 9, 2017