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2008 Grant Program Update
2008 Applications Received
2008 Grant Process
2008 Funding Recommendations
2008 Grant Awards
2008 Applications Received
2008 Grant Application Received
The Department received 36 grant applications, of which 35 were complete grant applications.  A total of over $5 million dollars in grant funds were requested.  To view a tabular summary of the applications click here.  The table includes hyperlinks to one-page application summaries, as well as the complete applications.  To view a map showing the location of the applications click here.
The public notice period for applications requesting Program funding will begin September 30 and continue through October 30, 2008.  The associated application review team recommendations will be available beginning September 30, 2008.

2008 Grant Process

Grant Process - Detailed Schematic    (PDF 20KB)     July 2008
Award of Funding
The Water Resources Department may use an application review team consisting of persons with water supply and planning knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise appointed by the Director to review applications and make funding recommendations to the Department.  The Department will make its funding recommendations to the Oregon Water Resources Commission based in part on the review team's recommendations and public comment regarding those recommendations.
The Department reserves the right at its sole discretion, to reject any and all applications received without penalty.  The Department’s final funding recommendations to the Oregon Water Resources Commission will be those applications which in the opinion of the Department, after review of the application review team recommendations and public comment regarding those recommendations, best meet the intent of the Oregon Legislature as set forth in SB 1069 (Chapter 13, 2008 Laws), the requirements of the Water Conservation, Reuse and Storage Grant Program, and that are in the best interest of the State of Oregon.

 Application Form     (DOC 539KB)     July 2008

Downloading Application Instructions: Click on "Word Version": when prompted, choose "save" instead of "open" to save the file to a location of your choice, then open Word and browse for the saved file. (This prevents the Application from opening in your internet browser and allows the editing capabilities of Word.)
If you cannot open an MS Word document, contact staff by August 18, 2008 to request a PDF version.

Application Criteria and Evaluation Guidance   (PDF 96 KB)      Revised - August 2008*
        *Please note revision to Criteria and Evaluation Guidance for Water Conservation     
         and  Reuse Grant Application (page 8)         (PDF 69 KB)    Original - July 2008
Standard Grant Agreement   (PDF 76 KB)   August 2008

2008 Funding Recommendations
2008 Application Review Team Recommendations
An interagency Application Review Team composed of representatives from the Water Resources Department and the Departments of Agriculture, Economic and Community Development, Environmental Quality, Fish and Wildlife, Parks and Recreation, and the Watershed Enhancement Board reviewed 35 applications which requested over $5 million for funding planning studies to evaluate the feasibility of developing water conservation, reuse or storage projects.

The Application Review Team ranked the projects in one of four categories:  Do Fund: High, Medium, Contingent on Available Funding and Do Not Fund.  There is no sub prioritization within a funding category (i.e. all “Do Fund: High” carry the same ranking).  The Application Review Team also recommended funding conditions on some Do Fund applications.

The Water Resources Department has $1.6 million available for funding, or $1 available for every $3 requested.  This amount is adequate to fund all of the Do Fund: High and Do Fund: Medium feasibility studies at the level recommended by the Application Review Team.  However, the Department currently lacks adequate funding for the Do Fund: Contingent on Available Funding feasibility studies.

Consistent with OAR 690-600-0060, the Department is providing public notice of the applications for program funding and associated Application Review Team recommendations.

Any interested person may comment in writing on the feasibility study applications requesting funding and the associated Application Review Team recommendations. Comments must be received by 5:00 PM on October 30, 2008.  Comments should be sent to Bob Rice, Water Resources Department, 725 Summer Street NE, Suite A,Salem, OR 97301-1266.  Comments may be faxed to 503-986-0903.

A listing of the 2008 grant applications received is available at http://www.wrd.state.or.us/OWRD/LAW/GrantApplication.shtml, to view the Application Review Team recommendations click here.

2008 Grant Awards
The Water Resources Commission is authorizing funding for 22 water conservation, reuse and storage feasibility studies.  Totaling over $1.5 million, the funding will pay for feasibility studies and environmental analyses associated with innovative water conservation and reuse programs and environmentally sound storage projects.  Recipients were selected from a highly competitive group of applicants.  Each application was thoroughly reviewed by a 12-member interagency Application Review Team and Department staff.  Recipients will be required to report on the progress of the study and applications associated with storage applications are required to provide environmental analyses.  Money to fund the studies comes from the Water Conservation, Reuse and Storage Investment Fund which was created by the legislature in 2008 to fund water conservation, reuse and storage feasibility studies. 
To view a list of the funded studies click here; to view a map of the studies click here.  More information on these studies and the Water Conservation, Reuse and Storage Grant Program is available from the November 20, 2008 and December 5, 2008 staff reports.