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Summary of Applications Received
2014 Water Conservation, Reuse & Storage Grant Applications
Hood River SWCD & East Fork Irrigation District $48,881 - Conservation
​This study will evaluate the economic and technical feasibility of increasing water conservation efforts within the East Fork Irrigation District.  The feasibility analysis will include an evaluation of the current irrigation demand and the delivery system, as well as a determination of the cost and priority of potential system improvements.  This project will provide a reliable supply of water for irrigators and increase summer stream flows for ESA listed fish species in the East Fork Hood River.
Hood River SWCD & Farmers Irrigation District $49,912 - Storage, Above Ground
​The Farmers Irrigation District is proposing to evaluate the feasibility of increasing storage in the District’s upper and lower Kingsley Reservoirs.  This study will include an economic, geotechnical, and engineering analysis of potential storage site alternatives.  The study will also analyze impacts to stream flow, quantify potential savings from future conservation projects, and investigate the potential to increase summer streamflows in Green Point Creek and Ditch Creek.
Arnold Irrigation District $6,818 - Conservation
​This feasibility study will comprehensively examine a section of Arnold Irrigation District’s existing North Lateral canal system for water loss.  It will evaluate the best means to address the high loss areas and identify alternatives for water conservation such as piping or lining the canal system.  The study will evaluate the cost-benefit analysis of canal lining and piping.  It is anticipated that the result of the project will provide an instream flow increase by 6 cfs in the Deschutes River.
​City of Newport $150,000 - Storage, Above Ground​
​The City of Newport is proposing an environmental impact assessment and cost-feasibility analysis for their Big Creek Dams #1 & #2 project.  Big Creek reservoirs provide municipal water supply for the City of Newport.  This request is Phase IV of a larger effort by the City to determine whether to repair, replace or otherwise stabilize the two dams.
​City of Astoria $50,000 – Storage, Above Ground
​After inspection of City of Astoria’s municipal water supply dam, it was determined that the dam is structurally deficient.  Therefore, the City is proposing a feasibility study to examine alternative ways to correct the deficiency.  The study will result in a more accurate understanding of the stability of the dam, so that an informed decision can be made to address the issue.
Bert Siddoway $58,127 – Storage, Above Ground​
​The goal of this study is to close the data gaps pertaining to the geology, hydrology and economic feasibility of constructing an above-ground storage project on Alder Creek within the Powder River Basin.  The stability of the dam structure at the proposed site will also be evaluated for safety purposes.  The reservoir will be used primarily to supply water for crops and livestock production.    It is anticipated that streamflows would be available for instream protection back into Alder Creek.
SPF Water Engineering (Crater Lake NP) $49,999 – ASR
This planning study will be used to determine the feasibility of constructing and operating an ASR system, or recharging an aquifer as mitigation for continued surface water diversion of the existing National Park Service’s water right at Annie Springs.  The existing water right is subject to curtailment during the summer in order to meet senior surface water rights, so the Park Service is looking to implement a project that would prevent curtailment or provide a new water source. 
Central Oregon Irrigation District $8​,637 - Reuse​
​​The Radabaugh Water Reuse Pond Project is a study to evaluate irrigation water flow trends in Dry Canyon; located near Powell Butte in central Oregon. The study will also assess the existing and potential future irrigation water right needs for the area.  The overall goal of the study is to evaluate a pond for reuse of captured tailwater and storm runoff for irrigation in the Dry Canyon area.  
​City of Silverton & Mt Angel $17,500 – ASR
The proposed planning study will evaluate the feasibility of developing an aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) system for the joint benefit of the cities of Silverton and Mt. Angel.  The cities are jointly considering ASR as a water supply alternative to address redundancy, long-term sustainability, water quality and storage deficiency issues.  The study will utilize existing information to estimate the capacity and potential constraints of an ASR system located in the vicinity of the two cities, identify possible fatal flaws and key unknowns, develop an implementation road map, and provide estimates of implementation costs.
Northeast Oregon Water Association $85,000 – Storage, Above Ground
This project is the result of a collaborative partnership of entities seeking to improve water supply and delivery needs within the Umatilla Basin.  The water will be used to provide additional irrigation on local crops in Umatilla and Morrow Counties as well as provide for an increase in protected instream flow.  The proposed study will evaluate piping water out of the Columbia River to a storage site in Juniper Canyon.  It will also evaluate the location, storage capacity, and cost of the water delivery system, as well as the possibility to generate energy at the dam to offset the cost of project development.  ​ ​
Port of Arlington & Gilliam County $40,000 - Storage​
Gilliam County is a dry land fallow wheat county with low annual precipitation levels. The Port of Arlington is partnering with the county to evaluate large water supply storage locations that would allow irrigators to increase crop production.  Irrigation can increase crop production 6x the amount of dry farming yields.  This study seeks to determine the most efficient location(s) for water diversions and impoundments to increase agricultural water supply.  The study will determine the most efficient location(s) for an impoundment and the cost of site development and water delivery.​ ​