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Water Measurement Conversions
Water Quantity Conversion Table
Water measurements are generally described using one of three terms. When applying for a permit to use water, an applicant is required to submit all measurements in one of the following terms.
Generally, when referring to a rate to be diverted, the terms used are cubic feet per second (cfs) or gallons per minute (gpm). When discussing volumes of water, such as amount applied to land, reservoir storage capacity, or yearly consumption, the term used is acre-feet (af). Applications for water use specify the appropriate measurement to use when filing information with the Department.
Rates of Flow
One (1) cubic foot per second (cfs) is a rate of water flow which will supply one cubic foot of water in one second and is equivalent to flow rates of:
  7.48 gallons per second
  448.8 gallons per minute
1 cfs =
 646,272 gallons per day
  1.98 acre-feet per day
Volume Measurement
One (1) acre-foot is the volume of water which will cover one acre to a depth of one foot and is equal to:
  43,560 cubic feet
 1 af = 325,851 gallons
Land Subdivision
Land Subdivision
Commission and Department
1. Oregon Water Laws
water management in Oregon
2. Protections and Restrictions
managing water appropriations
3. New Water Rights
gaining authorization to use water
4. Other Water Rights
authorization for water use
5. Transferring Rights
existing rights for new users
6. Canceling Rights
loss of water rights through non-use
7. Conservation
encouraging efficient water use
8. Finding Water Rights
determining if you have a water right
9. Enforcing Water Laws
watermasters and field staff protecting rights and resources
10. Region Managers and Offices
11. Fees
Appendix A
other development permits
Water Measurement Conversions