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Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility
Reopening Project
Steering Committee:  Pam Patton, Faye Fagel, Chris Duval, Fabian Casarez, Rex Emery, Khris Ward, Angelina Hinojos, Lynn Oliver, Mary Lenz, Rick Hess, Paul Egbert, Debbie Hansen, Linda Gesler, Torri Lynn, SEIU representatives, Phil Cox, Mary McBride, Brian Florip, Shirlee Pierce
Young Women Involvement:  The girls at Hillcrest will be involved in planning and provided opportunities for input and suggestions.  Regular updates will be communicated with opportunity to ask questions and review progress. 

A)  Workgroups                                                Participants
Shirlee Pierce will be on each workgroup
1)  Facility Occupancy Readiness
  • Identify and prepare for occupancy; leases, lines, network services, multi-point, copiers, pagers, VISA, JJIS preparations, cell phones, motor pool vehicles, medical supplies, food supplies and deliveries, gender specific menu, safety preparations, radios, cameras, recreation, crafts and general stock supplies (cleaning supplies, toiletries, clothing, paper products, etc)
Shawna Hill, Jerry Sevey, Alta Saner-Martinez, Grace Klewitz, Rick Hess, Brian VorderLandwehr, Lori Widder, Lori Ramsay, Mike Conzoner, Randi Labrousse, Delvena Torrez, Dailey Ray, Bev Carrick     
2)  Hiring/Personnel
  • Timeframes, recruit, hire (include gender specific questions), Hillcrest impact, etc.
Mary Lenz, Glen Smith, SEIU representatives, Rick Hess  
3)  Training; gender specific training, team building, training specific to duties (GLCs, clerical, cooks, etc) and training for Hillcrest units (units that will be impacted by converting from female to male programming)
  • Evaluate training needs, establish training plan and strategy, gender specific considerations, Hillcrest living unit treatment refocus, etc.
Lynn Oliver, Heidi Olympius, Rick Hess, Patty Taylor, Delvena Torrez, Randi Labrousse, Dean Howell, Brian VorderLandwehr, Grace Klewitz, Mark McKinney, Mary McBride, Alta Saner-Martinez , SEIU Representative, Fabian Casarez, Ed Schmidt, Shawna Smith, Ty Glazier, Amy Pena, Christina Puentas  
4)  Facility Furnishings
  • Administration building furnishings: desks, file cabinets, etc
  • Review/recommend correctional grade furnishings for living unit areas and outside areas
  • Bedspreads, rugs, etc
  • Recommend paint colors for courtyard and dorm/dayroom
Chris Duval, Delvena Torres, Brian VorderLandwehr, Mike Conzoner, Mike Soto
5)  Contracts/Purchase Orders
  • Review contracts/purchase order history and identify current need for services
  • Establish timeframes to complete contracts/PO’s
  • Gender specific considerations (medical, birthing center, haircuts, etc)
Linda, Gesler, Laura Hince, John Fox, Jackie Harris, Mike Conzoner, Rick Hess
  1. Gender Specific Programming
  • Creating the facility culture from day one
  • Evidence based treatment curriculums
  • Service delivery/best practices, approaches that are specifically responsive to females, physically/emotionally safe environment, environment that values young women, health and fitness needs, etc
  • Opportunities for living unit cross over/campus involvement
  • Minority/cultural considerations, responsivity opportunities
  • Volunteer Services, mentor program, animal visit program, responsivity opportunities
  • Partnership with Corvallis House; vision, roles, coordination of services, communication and transition best practices
Mary McBride, Delvena Torrez, Randi Labrousse, Dean Howell, Stephanie Miller, Mark McKinney, Peggy Robertson, Rick Hess, Paul Egbert, Debbie Anderson, Bev Alexander, Angelina Hinojos, Khris Ward, Lori McGovern, Fabian Casarez, Pam Stewart, Lynn Oliver, Heidi Olympius, Shirley Didier, Phil Cox, Chris Duval, Pam Patton, Griselda Solano, Lori Ramsay, Paula Bauer, Lee Lederer, Joni Zimmerman, Morrison Center, Girls Inc,
7)  Education/Vocational Services 
  • Partner with DOE/education provider (TBD) to prepare for reopening
  • Assist in identifying vocational programs
  • OYA Training Opportunities
Steve Woodcock, Bill Conlon, Chris Duval, Rick Hess, education provider (TBD)
Project Communication: Reopening updates will be provided on a regular basis to staff and partners.  Partners will be notified of official start date of young women intake shift from Hillcrest YCF to Oak Creek YCF.

B)  HYCF Living Unit Refocus

Identify new program focus for the living units converting to males
Research Analyst, Jim Kramer, George Covey, Paul Egbert, juvenile department representative

C)  Facility Remodel

Consultant, Rex Emery, Mike Conzoner