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Oak Creek Reopening Progress
Committee/Workgroup Progress
Work is underway in preparation for the reopening of Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility to serve young women.  A rich, qualified, and experienced group of OYA staff and partners has been assembled to guide the process, with a steering committee formed to oversee the progress.  A variety of workgroups have been formed to address the different issues and challenges inherent in an important project such as this.  Each workgroup's progress to date is summarized below: 
Facility Occupancy Readiness   This workgroup met for the first time on August 13  and reviewed the scope of their charge.  Discussions centered on the various tasks and potential supplies and equipment that will be required to prepare the facility for occupancy.  The building has been closed since 2003.  Many items need to be purchased, updated or replaced.  This workgroup will meet again on August 31 at Oak Creek to conduct a walk through of the facility to determine specifically the status of various areas (living units, kitchen, medical clinic, supplies on hand, security, etc.) and to bring them up to a functional level. 
Hiring/Personnel  The first meeting was held on August 15 and the majority of the meeting focused on the scope of the workgroup and the need to set a timeline for recruitment/hiring.
  • Questions have come up related to the process for hiring current OYA staff who would like to work at Oak Creek.  Current staff working at Hillcrest will not automatically transferwith the girls to Oak Creek.  All interested OYA staff desiring to work at Oak Creek should contact Employees Services and request to be added to the transfer list or staff can respond to Flash Announcements when they become available and posted.  We will continue to work on communication about the hiring process with more details coming out to all staff.
The workgroup met again on August 23 and reviewed a draft schedule of hiring timeframes and deadlines in order to recruit, hire and train by the January reopening date.
The next meeting is scheduled for September 5.

Training  The group's first meeting is scheduled for August 30.
Facility Furnishings  This workgroup met on August 21 and has placed a high priority on scheduling meetings in the near future in order to select and order furnishings for the administration building, outdoor areas, dorm and dayroom furniture.  The workgroup will meet on August 28 to review outdoor furniture options and on September 4 they will meet with a vendor to view a traveling showroom display of correctional furniture. 
Contract/Purchase Orders  This workgroup had an initial meeting on August 9 and reviewed previous Oak Creek contract and purchase order history and discussed anticipated needs for the female population.  A number of contracts related to medical/mental health are slated to go out for solicitation in September.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 10.
Gender Specific Programming  The group's first meeting is scheduled for August 24.
Education/Vocational Services  Not scheduled
Young Women Involvement  The subgroup meeting is scheduled for August 24.
Steering CommitteeThe Committee is scheduled to meet September 11.
Project Communication
Regular updates will be provided to staff and partners.  Partners will be notified of official date that young women’s intake will shift to Oak Creek. 
A list of workgroups and their membership follows.

Purpose & Membership
Steering Committee:  Pam Patton, Faye Fagel, Chris Duval, Fabian Casarez, Rex Emery, Mike Conzoner, Khris Ward, Angelina Hinojos, Lynn Oliver, Mary Lenz, Rick Hess, Paul Egbert, Debbie Hansen, Linda Gesler, Torri Lynn, Joe Schaeffer, Kari Roper, Dan Ferguson, Phil Cox, Mary McBride, Brian Florip, Phil Lemman, Shirlee Pierce
Young Women Involvement:  The girls at Hillcrest will be involved in project planning, and given opportunities to provide input and suggestions.  Regular updates will be shared with the young women and they will be given opportunity to ask questions and review progress.
Facility Occupancy Readiness:  Identify and complete tasks necessary to prepare the facility for occupancy.  These tasks include finalization of leases and agreements, arrangements for phone, video and computer communication, purchase of security equipment and procurement of various commodities and supplies.
Shawna Hill, Jerry Sevey, Alta Saner-Martinez, Grace Klewitz, Rick Hess, Brian VorderLandwehr, Lori Widder, Lori Ramsay, Mike Conzoner, Randi Labrousse, Delvena Torrez, Dailey Ray, Bev Carrick     
Hiring/Personnel:  Establish personnel timeframes, recruit and hire the Oak Creek staffing compliment and address issues related to staff transfer from other facilities.    
Mary Lenz, Glen Smith, Rick Hess, Dan Murray, YvetteThomas-Graves  
Training:  Coordinate training related to the transfer of young women to Oak Creek and the development of new unit focus at the three Hillcrest units changing target population.  This workgroup will evaluate training needs, develop the training plans and coordinate training delivery.
Lynn Oliver, Heidi Olympius, Rick Hess, Patty Taylor, Delvena Torrez, Randi Labrousse, Dean Howell, Brian VorderLandwehr, Grace Klewitz, Mark McKinney, Mary McBride, Alta Saner-Martinez , Fabian Casarez, Ed Schmidt, Shawna Smith, Ty Glazier, Amy Pena, Christina Puentas, Rob Meeks, Monty Meek  
Facility Furnishings:  Establish recommendations for furniture, floor coverings and décor for administration, living units and common areas at Oak Creek.
Chris Duval, Delvena Torres, Brian VorderLandwehr, Mike Conzoner, Randi Labrousse, Mike Soto
Contracts/Purchase Orders:  Review the contract and purchase order history for Oak Creek and identify the current need for services.  Facilitate the establishment of appropriate contracts and procurement relationships, including new protocols for gender specific considerations. 
Linda, Gesler, Laura Hince, John Fox, Jackie Harris, Mike Conzoner, Rick Hess
Gender Specific Programming:  Guide the establishment of the facility culture and treatment environment.  The workgroup will address the following considerations:
  • Evidence-based treatment curriculums with gender specific focus.
  • Service delivery approaches that are specifically responsive to females.
  • Creating a physically and emotionally safe environment that values young women.
  • Opportunities for living unit cross over/campus involvement
  • Ethnic and cultural considerations.
  • Volunteer Services, mentor program, animal visit program.
  • Partnership with Corvallis House; vision, roles, coordination of services, communication and transition best practices.
Mary McBride, Delvena Torrez, Randi Labrousse, Dean Howell, Stephanie Miller, Mark McKinney, Peggy Robertson, Rick Hess, Paul Egbert, Debbie Anderson, Bev Alexander, Angelina Hinojos, Khris Ward, Lori McGovern, Fabian Casarez, Pam Stewart, Lynn Oliver, Heidi Olympius, Shirley Didier, Phil Cox, Chris Duval, Pam Patton, Griselda Solano, Lori Ramsay, Paula Bauer, Lee Lederer, Leslie Gard (Morrison Rosemont), Tiffany Reitter (BGAS Pettygrove), Carol Roberts (Girls Inc)
Education/Vocational Services:  Assure the establishment of gender specific, appropriate educational and vocational services. 
Steve Woodcock, Bill Conlon, Chris Duval, Rick Hess, education provider (TBD)
Hillcrest YCF Living Unit Refocus

Evaluate population demographics for the current male close custody population.  Consider demographics of the additional 75 bed capacity in the facility system.  Develop recommendations for unit focus in the three units at Hillcrest previously serving young women and any additional program adjustments in the system.
Research Analyst, Jim Kramer, George Covey, Paul Egbert, Dave Koch, Brian Florip

Facility Remodel

Oversee physical plant renovation to prepare the facility for opening.
Consultant, Rex Emery, Mike Conzoner