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Employer Self-Paced EDX Education

EDX Employer Training

This is the same training offered concurrently through the Internet and at the PERS Tigard facility. The training is provided online for your convenience, and is divided into three parts:
EDX Basic Concepts covers primary EDX roles and report types. The DTL1 Member Demographics and DTL2 Wage and Service records receive a line-by-line review. The purpose and format of DTL2 adjustment records and the Demographic Correction Request (DCR) are covered, along with examples of  reporting situations encountered by PERS employers. You may download and print the EDX Basic Concepts handout which totals approximately 60 pages.
EDX Reporting Topics-Eligibility reviews the concept and effect of the employer’s stated “hire intent” for a job. The concepts of “position type,” active service, non-qualifying service and their relationship to “hire intent” are examined. Eligibility requirements for OPSRP Pension and IAP (Individual Account Program) membership are outlined. Suggested steps for eligibility determination and application of those steps to eligibility examples are also presented. You may download and print the EDX Reporting Topics-Eligibility handout which totals approximately 10 pages.
EDX Reporting Topics-Reporting Retirees reviews Tier One/Tier Two and OPSRP retiree work limits as PERS retirees working for PERS employers. The sequence of events required to bring an individual onboard as a PERS retiree working part-time is covered. The responsibility for knowing and observing PERS retiree annual work limits and the consequences of exceeding those annual work limits are spelled out in detail. You may download and print the EDX Reporting Topics-Reporting Retirees handoutwhich totals approximately 10 pages.
EDX Employer post-Training quiz
A post-training quiz is available. Quiz completion is voluntary but offers a valuable review of covered concepts and allows PERS to refine EDX Employer Training. Your quiz participation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your participation in EDX Employer Training.
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Using EDX
Web Administrator Basics
EDX Name and Mailing Address Standards
Password Changes in EDX
Negative Adjustments
Positive Adjustments
Most Common EDX Errors
Reporting LWOP and Terminations
Reporting Retirees Who Return to Work
Eligibility Reports
View Employee Info
The Work List and EDX Online Forms 
USERRA and Heart Act
Status Check
EDX Problem Solving

Employer Statement Information Resources
#87 Reading Your New Statement (6/30/14)
Employer Statement Reconciliation
Employer Rates, UAL, Normal Cost, Side Accounts, and Where the Money Goes