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Employer Announcement #44
EDX Release 4.2.3

Two changes that affect wage and contribution reporting in EDX will be active beginning Wednesday, April 3, 2008, as part of EDX Release 4.2.3.

Hours will be required on most DTL2 records

When regular or overtime subject salary is reported on a DTL2, hours will be required on that record unless the wage code is 08, 06, 14, or 16. If no hours are reported when regular or overtime subject salary is reported for all other wage codes, the record will suspend.

This requirement will increase data quality and reduce time spent researching incorrect records.

Certain wage codes will not post during a leave of absence

If an employee has been reported as being on any type of leave of absence, EDX will only allow DTL2 records with a 06, 08, or 14 wage code to post during that leave. Any record with another wage code will suspend. An employee is officially on a leave of absence after a DTL1-status code 03, 04, 06, 07, or 09 is posted and before a DTL1-status code 08 (return from leave) is posted.

Restricting the type of DTL2 record that can post during a leave ensures that service time is not credited for that period.

If you have questions about these new reporting requirements, please send an e-mail to: pers-employer.info.services@state.or.us or contact your Employer Service Center (ESC) account representative.