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EDX Release 6.0 Validations and Suspended DTL 2-02 Records
New restrictions on DTL2 record posting were introduced with EDX Release 6.0. Those restrictions will no longer permit DTL2-02 records to post to active service positions nor DTL2-01 records to post to non-qualifying positions. Further details on these restrictions can be found in Employer Announcement #67, Release 6.0, posted on the PERS employer website.
How will employers know if they are affected by these restrictions?
Employers should check their suspended reports processed after June 17, 2011, and look for posted records. Reports affected by the new restrictions might normally post a number of records, but after June 17 may post very few records or none at all if affected by the 85 percent rule (until 85 percent of the records in any report are correct, no records will post; they’ll go to valid status). Employers affected by the new restrictions should contact their ESC account representative.
What is the 85 percent rule?
If the suspended records in the report are greater than 15 percent of the total records in the report, none of the records in the report will post. The records that are not suspended or in any other status will be in valid status. Statement invoices will not be generated for any records in this report until the 85 percent threshold is reached by correcting suspended records. If no records post, the entire report may be deleted and re-entered.
What will PERS do about the problem, and when will it be done?
Resolution of this problem is a top priority for PERS staff, and a project established shortly after Release 6.0 installation will prioritize available PERS resources based on the number of affected member accounts for any employer.
If records with wage code 02 (non-qualifying) are suspending and causing my report to not meet the 85 percent rule, can I put the wage code 02 records in a separate report?
Yes, wage records containing wage code 02 can be separated and entered in a separate demographic and adjustment report prior to loading a report.
Reports that have been loaded and released for processing with no records posted can be deleted and resubmitted as two separate reports; wage code 02 records can be loaded in a demographic and adjustment report and all other records can be re-loaded in the employer’s regular report.
You are welcome to split your wage reports this way to meet the 85 percent rule for posting records.
Wage code 02 records still need to be entered in EDX in order for PERS to make correct determinations.
Check with your ESC account representative before you split the report, and please contact your ESC account representative if you are unsure how to split and re-create reports.
Should employers continue working on records suspended by problems unrelated to EDX Release 6.0 validations?
Yes. Employers are encouraged to continue working on records suspended by problems unrelated to Release 6.0 validations.
Please contact your ESC account representative with any concerns related to reports or records affected by new posting restrictions.