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Retirement Data Verification and EDX Release 6.0 (11/8/10)
These questions arose during the fall 2010 employer outreach review of EDX Release 6.0 modifications that will enable retirement data verification mandated by Senate Bill 897. EDX Release 6.0 is tentatively scheduled for installation in the second quarter 2011.
Q1) Under EDX Release 6.0, the Employee Employment Details and Salary Details screens will have a Verify column. Will that column be present and active for individuals who are not age eligible or have not requested data verification? 
A1) Yes.
Q2) If the Verify column is available for all, can verification be done at a time convenient to the employer before a member is eligible for, or has requested, data verification?
A2) Yes.
Q3) Can the SBD form be used for individuals other than those who have requested data verification? Can I use the link on the Release 6.0 View Employee Info screens to report or correct pre-2003 salary information for any member, regardless of verification request status?
A3) Yes.
Q4) The current View Employee Info screen allows a download of all my employees. Will that capability be available after Release 6.0 is installed?
A4) The download is for all employees with a current address. The link will change names, but the functionality will remain the same.
Q5) Will PERS institute changes in processing of DCR requests to eliminate backlogs and allow records to post, most importantly, before the expiration of the verification time frame (currently 60 days but possibly changing)?
A5) We are currently still in discussion about how data changes related to the verifications will be processed, but we understand the need to expedite both the DCRs and the SBDs so that we can meet the verification time frame. Addition of a note in the Comments field indicating the DCR affects a Verification Request will also help prioritize DCR processing.
Q6) Will mass reversals of records become possible in a future release of EDX, allowing reversal of records between dates entered in from and to fields on a screen? I spend a great deal of time reversing one record at a time.
A6)  We do not have a plan for this type of functionality currently but can certainly add it to the list for future enhancements.
Q7) Can the Status Check screen be modified to show a retiree’s active membership program (Tier One/Tier Two vs. OPSRP) so we can determine who has a retiree work-hour limit and who does not?
A7)  We do not have a plan for this type of functionality currently but can certainly add it to the list for future enhancements.
Q8) Can a report be generated that would show retirees approaching the work-hour limit?
A8) We do not have a plan for this type of functionality currently but can certainly add it to the list for future enhancements.
Q9) Can EDX be automatically programmed to change Tier One/Tier Two retiree status code from 11 to 12 when the retiree reaches full Social Security retirement age and is working as a retiree for one or more PERS employers?
A9)  We do not have a plan for this type of functionality currently, but can certainly add it to the list for future enhancements.
Q10) How will expiration of the verification time frame be determined? Will EDX close the verification time frame (currently 60 days but possibly changing) after the date the employer is notified of the Verification Request, or will PERS staff manually close the time frame? When the verification time period expires (or the employer completes verification prior to that expiration), will the Verify check boxes be grayed out or be removed from the screen?
A10)  PERS will track the time frame internally through our Workflow functionality. We will know when the verification timeframe has elapsed, and will move forward with our internal processes. The ER Verification form will be removed from the Employer’s Work List, but the “Verify” checkboxes will not be grayed out until either PERS has placed a checkmark in the “Verify” field or PERS has completed the verification work and has locked down the member’s account with the data we received.   
Q11) My automated payroll system calculates sick leave every pay period. For accurate reporting of sick leave for verification purposes, will the verification request date be the actual request date, or the first of the following month? How will sick leave for verification be calculated if the individual is actively working, since sick leave is not reported until termination?
A11)  The sick leave, and all other data, will be requested for the last closed year. This means that in most cases we will need the data from the previous year. The Sick Leave Request has been modified to include the ability for us to request sick leave for open employments as well as closed employments.
Q12) Is the sick leave balance on 12/31 of the last closed calendar year that which will be included in the verification request? If so, can employers submit a demographic file with the 12/31 previous year sick leave balance for all active employees to complete that verification requirement? 
A12)  The sick leave will be as of 12/31 of the last closed year, so it all depends on when the verification is completed. Employers will not be able to update the sick leave on active members without a work list item, so sending through a demographic report will not be an option.
Q13) What would happen if an employer inadvertently canceled the Verification Request form from the Work List? How would that cancellation be detected (or would it)? Would a second verification request be submitted when the error had been discovered? Would that change the notification date for the employer, effectively extending the verification time frame, or would the employer just have fewer days to complete his/her verification efforts?
A13)  Employers can only submit the Verification Request. There is no way for an employer to cancel the verification from the work list. If the employer clicks the cancel button, it just takes the employer out of the work list item; it does not remove the item from the list. The Verification Request is not removed from the work list unless it is submitted by an employer or removed by PERS staff.
Q14) Under EDX Release 6.0, the Employee Employment History Details screen has been updated with two new categories, Gross Unused Sick Leave and Transferred Unused Sick Leave. The current Sick Leave Request form will also be updated to allow reporting of unused sick leave at the end of the last closed year rather than just at termination. Will the two new categories be added to the revised online Sick Leave Request form, or will those figures be included in the calculation of a single unused sick leave figure to be reported on the form? If these new categories will appear on the revised online form, we will have to do programming changes to our payroll system to calculate those values.
A14)  The Gross and Transferred unused sick leave fields will be added to all manual sick leave requests and to online Termination Request forms appearing in employer Work List areas. Those fields will not be added to the .dat file format.