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Proposed PERS Administrative Rules
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Proposed Administrative Rules

PHIP Dental Enrollment
Retired members who are eligible to enroll in PHIP are also eligible to enroll in PERS dental insurance. A retired member must enroll in PHIP to be eligible to enroll in the dental program and is only eligible to enroll in the dental program at the same time as PHIP. If a retired member discontinues participation in the dental insurance program, that member can only re-enroll in the dental insurance program during an available enrollment period and subject to the same qualifications. The proposed rule modifications clarify that the enrollment requirements are the same for both the health insurance and dental insurance programs. 

Draft Rule

IAP Earnings Crediting
OAR 459-007-0320 and 459-007-0330 outline how earnings are credited to distributions from the IAP. Lump sum distributions from the IAP are credited with the latest year-to-date calculation as of the date of distribution; IAP accounts of retired members electing installment payments are credited with the latest year-to-date calculation as of the date of the initial distribution. The latest year-to-date calculation is determined on a monthly basis, as defined in OAR 459-007-0001. The proposed rule change clarifies that the monthly latest year-to-date calculation is applied on a calendar month basis, so all distributions made in the same month will receive the same earnings crediting rate. The proposed change is a clarification; there is no change in our administration of the IAP. One of the retirement options for the IAP is the Anticipated Lifespan Option. This option employs a distribution method approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intended to establish substantially equal payments to retired members, which is an exception to the additional 10 percent tax on early distributions. The IRS approved method requires an annual recalculation of the member's account to determine the distribution(s) for the following year. This annual recalculation is done on the member's anniversary date, currently defined as the first of the month following the initial distribution. The current definition of anniversary date causes the annual recalculation to fall out of sync with the timing of the distribution(s). For example, a member electing to receive annual installments would receive the second annual installment one month before the annual recalculation. The proposed rule change establishes the anniversary date as the first of the month of the date of distribution, bringing the annual recalculation in line with the timing of the distributions.

Draft Rule


Rulemaking Schedule
 Updated October 21, 2014
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Health Insurance Program

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01/30/15 02/24/15 03/06/15 03/30/15


Clarify Administration of IAP Earnings Crediting


02/24/15 03/06/15
Definition of Anniversary Date 01/30/15 02/24/15 03/06/15 03/30/15

Disability Application

03/30/15 04/28/15 05/06/15 05/29/15