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Continuing Education FAQs

General Questions

I have an inactive license. Do I need continuing education to renew?

No. When you decide to reactivate you license, you will need to take continuing education at that time.

Where can I find a list of certified continuing education providers?

Download a list of certified providers at https://orea.elicense.irondata.com/Lookup/GenerateRoster.aspx.

What are the continuing education requirements for renewing my license?

Continuing education requirements for each license type can be found at http://www.oregon.gov/rea/EDU/Pages/New_Continuing_Education_Req.aspx.

How do I know if a course I took counts toward my continuing education requirements?

To qualify for credit, courses must be:
If you have questions about the eligibility of a course you completed, contact the certified continuing education provider.

What happens if I cannot complete the required continuing education before my expiration date?

You can renew your license late. During the time your license is expired, you cannot conduct any professional real estate activity. (This includes holding open houses and managing rental real estate, among many other activities. See ORS 696.010 for a definition of professional real estate activity.)

Once you have completed your required continuing education, log in to eLicense and renew your license. You will be required to pay a $30 late fee in addition to the $230 license renewal fee. Don't forget that your principal broker/property manager MUST use eLicense to reassociate your license to the real estate business. You cannot conduct professional real estate activity until your license is active with a real estate business. 

Self-Reporting in eLicense Questions

Why am I required to enter my continuing education courses into eLicense as part of my active license renewal?

  1. You are required to take continuing education to renew.
  2. Real estate license law and administrative rules require that you keep and maintain your continuing education records.
  3. Real estate license law and administrative rules allows the Agency to request documentation on your continuing education. This is one of the ways the Agency can do so. 

I’ve taken more than 30 hours of continuing education. Do I need to enter all my classes?

No. You only need to enter your 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) AND other eligible continuing education courses totaling at least 27 hours. (If you were required to take an advance practices course, then you should enter the 3-hour LARRC and the 27-hour advanced practices course.)

What are the steps for reporting my continuing education during renewal?

Can I just send or upload my continuing documents to the Agency?

No. Licensees must input the information manually into eLicense. This will allow the Agency to gather data such as compliance issues and continuing education offerings. The Agency will analyze this data to look for possible future improvements in continuing education and real estate licensing.

If you are randomly selected for a continuing education audit, then you must send your continuing education documents to the Agency.

What if I have a certificate of attendance that is missing information (i.e. course topic, instructor, location)?

If you feel that a certificate is not fully completed, contact the certified continuing education provider. 

CE Audit Questions

How does the Agency select licensees for a Continuing Education Audit?

The Agency randomly selects licensees from those who renewed their license during the previous month.

If I am selected for a Continuing Education Audit, what will I need to provide to the Agency?

You will need to provide all Certificates of Attendance earned in the two year period prior to your license renewal. (You are no longer required to use or keep the Continuing Education Record form.)

You must demonstrate that you completed 27 hours of education from certified continuing education providers and the 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course. If you are a new broker or property manager, you must have completed a 27-hour advanced practices course and the Law and Rule Required Course. See Continuing Education Requirements for more information. 

What if I can't find all of my certificates of attendance?

You should contact the certified continuing education provider from whom you took the course(s). The Agency cannot assist you in locating your certificates.