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Category: Criminal Law
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Criminal Code of Oregon, biennial D (even years).
Text reprinted from the ORS. 
By:  Legislative Counsel Committee
Content:  Criminal law, procedure, juvenile courts.
Legislative Counsel Committee publication
KFO2961 .A29 O74
Criminal Law, 7th Ed., 2005 Revision.  (3 volumes)
Editors:  Gartlan, Peter, et. al.
Content:  Criminal procedure, law.   
OSB publication  
KFO2975 .C755 2005; 2006 supplement
Criminal Law Newsletter.  
Edited by:  Cannon, Robert
Content:  Criminal law, cases. 
OCDLA publication
KFO2961 .A53 C7  (1995 to present, annual digest, semi-monthly updates.)
Felony Sentencing in Oregon: Guidelines, Statutes, Cases, 4D. 
By:  Barton, Jesse
Content:  Sentences, criminal procedure. 
OCDLA publication
KFO2983.2 B37 2008; semi-annual supplements
Mental Health and Criminal Defense.
By:  Bassos, Alexander
Content:  Fitness for trial, clinical assessment, dangerousness, insanity plea, commitment, cross examining experts. 
OCDLA publication
KFO2966.6 .B37 2010
OCDLA Criminal Law Formbook, The, 20011D.
Editor:  Rose, Michael
Content:  Criminal law.  Forms. 
OCDLA publication
KFO2961 .A65 C75 2011
OCDLA Search and Seizure Manual, The, 5D. 
By:  Homan, Bob
Content:  Searches and seizures. 
OCDLA publication
KFO2976.5 .O13 2008; semi-annual supplements
Oregon Criminal Code.
National Corporation Law Series 
By:  The Oregon District Attorney´s Association
Content:  Criminal law, procedure, Oregon Criminal Code of 1971.
Oregon Criminal Law Revision Commission publication
KFO2961 .A333 O71  (1970-1975)
Oregon Criminal Practice. 
By:  Westling, Wayne
Content:  Criminal procedure.
Michie publication
KFO2975 .W47 1996 (with 2000 update)
Oregon Judges Criminal Benchbook, 2005 Ed.
[Developed by the Judicial Education and Criminal Law Committees of the Oregon Judicial Conference with staff direction provided by Jean Ann Quinn, Staff Counsel, and Mollie Croisan, Education Manager, Court Programs and Services Division, OJD.]
Content:  Criminal procedure, judges, handbooks, manuals, etc. 
OJD publication
KFO2975 .O73 2005 
Oregon Sentencing Guidelines Grid 
By:  Barton, Jesse
Content:  Evidence, expungement, citations.
Filed with Felony Sentencing in Oregon:  Guidelines, Statutes, Cases. 
OCDLA publication 
KFO 2983.2 B37  (Published biennially)
Oregon Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions, 2009 Revision.
(Previous edition entitled, "Oregon Jury Instructions for Criminal Cases", with supplement entitled, "Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions".)
By:  OSB
Content:  Instructions to juries, criminal procedure.  Forms, CD. 
OSB publication 
KFO2983 .A65 O73 2010; annual supplements
Oregon´s Comprehensive Criminal Justice Plan.
By:  Oregon Law Enforcement Council
Content:  Administration of criminal justice.
Oregon Law Enforcement Council publication
KFO2962 .A85 1976
Practical Guide to Oregon Criminal Procedure & Practice, A, 4D.
By:  DeMuniz, Paul
Content:  Criminal procedure.
Templeton Press publication
KFO2975 .D46 2011  (2008 & 2005 edtions filed on the east balcony)
Sex, Lies and Mandatory Minimums. 
September 11-12, 1998 conference.
Moderated by:  McDonald, David
Content:  Criminal procedure, sentences, sex offenders.
OCDLA publication
KFO2975 .S49  (1998)
Tortured History, A: the Story of Capital Punishment in Oregon, 1D. 
By:  Long, William
Content:  Capital punishment, criminal law, procedure. 
OCDLA publication
KFO2965 .C2 L66 2001, 2001a
Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions.
See:  Oregon Uniform Civil/Criminal Jury Instructions.