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State Workforce

The Human Resource Services Division (HRSD) of the Department of Administrative Services provides direction and services to state agencies in maintaining a stable and qualified workforce for Oregon state government. Its activities include classification and compensation, HR management and consultation, HR systems, labor relations, statewide recruitment and training.

Under the law, some agencies have authority to manage their workforce independent of HRSD's administrative rules, policies, and personnel reporting systems. Examples include Oregon Lottery, Oregon Judicial Department, the Oregon University System and Oregon's semi-independent boards and commissions.

The following reports and descriptions reflect the diversity of the environment in state government human-resource and workforce management.

Each annual salary listed in this report is 12 times that particular employee's monthly adjusted salary rate as of June 30, 2010. "Annual Salary" includes most differential payments (such as work-out-of-classification and bilingual differential), but excludes payments for overtime, shift differential, benefits, and vacation payout. The report does not account for unpaid furlough leave that management employees began taking in fiscal year 2009-2010; neither does it reflect step decreases and unpaid furlough leave that some classified employees began taking after June 2009.

This report does not include annual salaries for employees of the Oregon University System, semi-independent agencies, temporary employees, or records protected by court order.

*Oregon State Treasurer is exempt from HB2500 but has chosen to voluntarily post their data on the Transparency Website.




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  • OUS - Employee Annual Salary Report

    These reports list salary data for the Oregon University System as of June 30, 2010. This data reflects the annual salary rate based on assigned primary duties and work effort at that time. It does not include payments for overtime, shift differential, benefits, vacation payout, etc. This salary data may not reconcile to a full-time annualized salary rate or actual wages paid. Reasons include fluctuations in work effort, number of months worked in a year, and terms and conditions of employment that change over time.
 OUS Division  File (.xlsx) File (.csv)  Contact*
Chancellor's Office                       CO Salary Report (16KB)                                            CO Salary Report (8KB) Paul Bartlett
Eastern Oregon University EOU Salary Report (25KB) EOU Salary Report (34KB) Lara Moore
Oregon Institute of Technology OIT Salary Report (23KB) OIT Salary Report (37KB)                                             Dianna Angeli
Oregon State University OSU Salary Report (146KB) OSU Salary Report (422KB)          Office of Human Resources
Portland State University PSU Salary Report (134KB) PSU Salary Report (277KB)             Cathy Latourette
Southern Oregon University SOU Salary Report (33KB) SOU Salary Report (54KB) Steve Larvick
University of Oregon UofO Salary Report (172KB) UofO Salary Report (383KB) controller@uoregon.edu 
Western Oregon University WOU Salary Report (37KB) WOU Salary Report (77KB) Judy Vanderburg

          *Information requests should be directed to each OUS division.


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