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Money going out - Expenditures
Multiple Agency Expenditure Reports from SFMA & Other Systems
This report provides information on expenditures (i.e., cash transactions/payments) for the agencies that utilize the State Financial Management Application (SFMA)* issued for the fiscal year 2011 (July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011).


Generally, the information contained in these agency expenditure files was generated as follows:

  • All payments for the fiscal year 2011 (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011) that were applied to an expense account within SFMA* for the agency.
  • Payments to individuals identified in the system (i.e., benefit, foster care, crime victim payments, etc.), not including expenditures to employees, were removed to protect against the inadvertent disclosure of records that may be protected under federal or state law or contractual requirements.
  • Payments to employees whose records are specifically protected from disclosure based on a protective court order were removed. Payments to all other employees are included.
  • Any payment that did not include a vendor name within SFMA was removed. Many agencies use subsystems to generate checks and only provide SFMA with summary information.
  • System entries related to vendors with negative amounts (i.e., credit amounts) were removed.


This Fiscal Year expenditure report does not include credit entries if the vendor line item was negative in total, nor does it include reimbursements by third parties for travel (e.g State of Oregon employee travel paid for, partially or in full, by the US Government, by conference organizers, etc.).  This may cause expenditures listed in the report to be overstated, as the credit portion of these types of transactions may be excluded.


This report does not include information on expenditures for the Oregon University System or semi-independent agencies, boards and commissions.


*Note: New for the 2011 update, the Oregon Lottery and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) expenditure information is included in the file available for download. In previous years, the Oregon Lottery and the Oregon Department of Transportation expenditures were included in separate files. The Oregon Lottery and ODOT expenditure files are each generated by systems maintained by those agencies, respectively. (i.e. SFMA is not used to generate the information).


Note: The data below is available for download in formats other than .CSV by navigating to the Data Viewer (through data.oregon.gov) and selecting "MENU" then "Download". Formats available for download include: JSON, PDF, XLS, XLSX, and XML, among other formats.


Some agencies removed additional information to ensure proper protection of confidential information per Oregon's Public Records Law (ORS 192) or other state, federal or contractual requirements related to the disclosure of confidential records. Disclosures regarding the actions taken by agencies are provided below:

  • Agency 100 Department of Human Services
    • Twenty-six lines were removed from the Regular Employees and Medical/Dental/Life lines of the report to align with the removal of employee names from the Transparency State Employee Salary Report.  The petty cash steward names were removed from the petty cash replenishment for Group Homes and State Hospital.  One time payments to individuals were removed to protect against the inadvertent display of information that has a federal, state, or legal/contractual requirement to protect the information.
  • Oregon State Board of Licensed Social Workers
    • Two lines were removed consistent with ORS 676.175 which requires a health professional regulatory board keep confidential and not disclose to the public any information obtained by the board as part of an investigation of a licensee or applicant, including complaints concerning licensee or applicant conduct and information permitting the identification of complainants, licensees or applicants
  • Agency 141 Oregon Department of State Lands
    • Workers covered by the mediation confidentiality provisions in ORS 36, as well as public records law exceptions (192.502 (9)—records protected by attorney/client privilege, 192.501 (1)—record pertaining to litigation have been removed.
  • Agency 257 Oregon State Police
    • Data was removed consistent with ORS 181.852.  Disclosure of information about certain employees of law enforcement agencies, (2) unless a law other than ORS 192.410 to 192.505 requires disclosure or the employee consents in writing to the disclosure, a law enforcement agency may not disclose information about an employee of the agency while the employee is assigned duties the agency considers undercover investigative duties and for a period of six months after the conclusion of those duties. 
  • Agency 415 Oregon Youth Authority
    • Three Distributions to Individuals line items were removed because the individuals are foster home providers for youths.  This removal is consistent with ORS 192.501 and 192.502.
  • Agency 442 Office of Private Health Partnerships
    • Data was removed to comply with ORS 414.854 regarding confidentiality of information in enrollment in Family Health Insurance Assistance Programs. 
  • Agency 575 Oregon Student Assistance Commission
    • Data was removed to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which prohibits disclosure of nonpublic information about individual students.   
 Agencies included in file  File Type  Data Viewer
  • Board of Accountancy
  • Department of Administrative Services
  • Oregon Advocacy Commissions Office
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Aviation
  • Commission for the Blind
  • Business Oregon
  • Columbia River Gorge Commission
  • Commission on Children and Families
  • Board of Chiropactic Examiners
  • Board of Clinical Social Workers
  • Dep't. of Community Colleges and Workforce Development
  • Construction Contractors Board
  • Department of Consumer and Business Services
  • Department of Corrections
  • Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists
  • Oregon Criminal Justice Commission
  • Board of Dentistry
  • District Attorneys and their Deputies
  • Department of Education
  • Employment Department
  • Employment Relations Board
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Environmental Quality
  • Oregon Facilities Authority
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Department of Forestry
  • Oregon Forest Resources Institute
  • Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
  • Oregon Government Ethics Commission
  • Office of the Governor
  • Oregon Health Licensing Agency
  • Health Related Licensing Boards
  • Housing and Community Services Department
  • Department of Human Services
  • Commission on Indian Services, Legislative
  • Judicial Department
  • Commission on Judicial Fitness
  • Department of Justice
  • Bureau of Labor and Industries
  • Oregon Lottery
  • Department of Land Conservation and Development
  • Land use board of Appeals
  • Department of State lands
  • Legislative Administration Committee
  • Legislative Assembly
  • Legislative Counsel Committee
  • Legislative Fiscal Officer
  • Legislative Revenue Officer
  • Oregon State Library
  • Oregon Liquor Control Commission
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman
  • Oregon State marine board
  • Oregon Medical Board
  • Military Department
  • Board of Nursing
  • Parks and recreation Department
  • Board of Parole and Post Prison Supervision
  • Board of Pharmacy
  • Department of State Police
  • Office of Private health Partnerships
  • Psychiatric Security Review Board
  • Board of Psychologist Examiners
  • Office of Public Defense Services
  • Public Employees Retirement System
  • Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
  • Public Utility Commission
  • Oregon Racing Commission
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Department of Revenue
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasurer
  • Oregon Student Assistance Commission
  • Board of Tax Practitioners
  • Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
  • Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Water Resources Department
  • Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
  • Oregon Youth Authority 




NEW: The data viewer made available through data.oregon.gov below is a new addition to the Oregon Transparency Website.

Within the data viewer below, click on the search icon  in the upper left hand corner of the frame to search for information contained within the file. For more views of the data, to download the file in various formats, or to print the file, click on MENU in the top right hand corner of the viewer.  You may also select "Discuss this Dataset" via the MENU (Note: Please see the data.oregon.gov data moderation policy prior to leaving comments.) Finally, to access the full capabilities of data.oregon.gov (including the ability to visualize the data in graphs, charts, and maps) click on the icon  just below and to the right of the menu at the top right hand corner of the frame and then click Visualize.

 If you need assistance in accessing or downloading the data, creating data views, or have general questions, comments, or suggestions for additions to the site, please e-mail us at oregon.transparency@state.or.us.




Expenditure Reports from Oregon University System

Vendor Expenditure reports for the Oregon University System (OUS) are listed below for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011. A report is provided for each OUS division.

These reports include payments made to vendors by OUS universities and Chancellor's Office for capital assets (tangible), capital outlay (capitalized), inventories, merchandise for resale or redistribution, prepaid expense, sales and services, services and supplies, sub-contracts and sub-grants.

Additional notation:

  • Payments are from all funding sources, including restricted funds (grants).
  • Individual vendor payments have been rolled up into a single summary payment based on Account Category.
  • Summarized vendor payments less than $1 are not included.
  • Travel reimbursements to a single vendor may include costs for a group of travelers, such as athletic teams, etc.
  • Some payments to vendors may be reimbursed at a later date from an outside organization, such as an affiliated foundation.
  • Some payments of the Chancellor's Office are made on behalf of all seven OUS universities.



OUS - Expenditure Reports as of June 30, 2011

OUS Division  File Type Contact** 
Chancellor's Office


Paul Bartlett

Eastern Oregon University


Lara Moore
Oregon Institute of Technology


Diana Angeli
Oregon State University


Brian Thorsness
Portland State University


Cathy Latourette
Southern Oregon University


Steve Larvick
University of Oregon


Western Oregon University


Darin Silbernagel

**Information requests should be directed to each OUS division. 

Historical Information

Each year the Oregon.gov/transparency site is updated, the previous years' information continues to remain available on the Transparency Website. The hyperlinks below provide access directly to the pages for previous years.

 Fiscal Year 2009 Expenditure Information

 Fiscal Year 2010 Expenditure Information  

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