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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)                                                          

Q: What is House Bill 2500 (forming the Transparency Website)?

 House Bill 2500, approved by the Legislature in 2009, directs the Department of Administrative Services to develop and make available the Oregon Transparency website. This website allows people to view data and information that is public record and not exempt from disclosure.

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Q: What information appears on the Transparency Website?

A: The Oregon Transparency website contains information about each state agency, including but not limited to: 

State Agency:

  • Annual revenues
  • Annual expenditures
  • Annual human resource expenses, including compensation
  • Annual tax expenditures
  • Contracting and subcontracting information
  • Descriptions of their mission, function, and program categories
  • Audit reports issued by the Secretary of State

Additonal Examples:

In 2011, the Oregon.gov/Transparency website was updated to include information related to Education Service Districts (ESD), County Expenditures of State Lottery Funds, and Public Meeting Notices, as well as enhanced reporting on Tax Expenditures. 

In 2012, the Oregon.gov/Transparency website was updated to include links to information available on the Public Employees Retirement System website: Pension Unfunded Actuarial Liability; PERS Employer Contribution Rates; and summary documents PERS By the Numbers and PERS Facts etc.

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Q: How often will updates to the Transparency Website occur?

A: Unless otherwise specified, data and information provided throughout this website will be updated on an annual basis. 

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Q: What is the future of this Website?

A: We will continue to evaluate the data and content provided through this website and refresh\update the information as needed.

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Q: What information appears in the payroll data provided on this Website?

A: For state employees, annual salaries listed on this Web site are twelve times the employee's monthly adjusted salary rate. "Annual Salary" includes most differential payments (such as work-out-of-classification and bilingual differential) but excludes payments for overtime, shift differential, benefits, and vacation payout. In addition, past reports do not account for unpaid furlough leave, management employees took in fiscal year 2011-2012, or step decreases and unpaid furlough leave some classified employees began taking after June 2009.

Historical data from the (OUS) Oregon University System, reflects annual salary rates based on assigned primary duties and work efforts. These reports do not include payment for overtime, shift differential, benefits, vacation payout, etc., and salary data may not reconcile to a full-time annualized salary rate or actual wages paid due to fluctuations in work effort, number of months worked in a year, and terms and conditions of employment that change over time.

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Q: What is the source of the data found on this Website?

A: The funding, expenditure, and payroll information on this website are based on transactions recorded by state entities (agencies, boards, commissions, etc.) on systems housed in Department of Administrative Services within the Enterprise Goods and Services Division, Enterprise Human Resource Services Division, and the Chief Financial Office, unless otherwise specified. 

For Education Service Districts, the funding, expenditure, contract, and payroll information on this website are based on transactions recorded by Education Service Districts' systems.

Documents on the Legislative, Secretary of State, and other agency websites are also relied upon as resources.

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Q: Who should I contact if I have a question about the data on this Website?
A. If you have questions about agency-specific data and information, please contact that agency through this Agency Contact link.
Please note that response times will vary according to the number of inquiries that an agency receives.

B. If you have general questions, suggestions, or comments for this Web site, e-mail oregon.transparency@oregon.gov or use our online form. We appreciate your thoughts, comments, and interest in this website.

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Q: Is the Transparency information available from previous years?

A: Yes, review the Website History link.

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This website is a tool that provides a starting point for learning more about how state government works, what your taxes buy, and how purchasing decisions are made.

If you have questions or suggestions for the website, e-mail oregon.transparency@oregon.gov or use our online form.

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