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About Transparency

This Web site is a tool to help you get to know your state government. Its purpose is to show you how government works, what your taxes buy, and how purchasing decisions are made.  A good place to start is by reviewing annual budget information, agency key performance measures, and listings of public meetings.

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You can also email us at oregon.transparency@oregon.gov or use our online form.
If you have questions about agency-specific information use this Agency Contact link.


Unless otherwise specified, data throughout this Web site is current as of June 30, 2015.  Most of the information is updated on an annual basis at the end of each calendar year.
Please note that the data or information contained on the Oregon.gov/transparency Web site is raw, unaudited and unconsolidated. The data or information does not link to any audited financial statement. Because no comprehensive review for accuracy has occurred, the data or information may contain errors, omissions or misstatements. Also, this Oregon.gov/transparency Web site excludes data and information that is confidential, private or protected under state and federal laws. Users should not rely on the accuracy or completeness of this data or information for any purpose other than personal knowledge.

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Public Meetings 


Click here to learn more about: Oregon Public Meetings

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State Budget, Agencies and Performance


Click on the following link to learn about how Oregon creates a budget:
Budget Process

For information on state agency budgets and Key Performance Measures, click on the following link:

State Budget, Agencies and Performance

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Revenue Reports: Show Me the Money

Click here and learn about the sources of state money (revenue): Money coming in - Revenue    
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Expenditure Reports: Time to Pay the Bills

Click here to find out more about where money is being spent: Money Going Out - Expenditures

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Who is the State doing business with? (Contracts/Procurement)

Click on the following link to find out who the state is doing business with: Contracts/Procurement

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State Workforce

Click here to learn about state employee salaries/benefits (compensation): State Workforce
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