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State Workforce

About Human Resources

The Chief Human Resource Office and the Enterprise Human Resources Division within the Department of Administrative Services provide direction and services to state agencies in maintaining a stable and qualified workforce for Oregon state government. Its activities include classification and compensation, HR management and consultation, HR systems, labor relations, statewide recruitment and training.

Under the law, some agencies have authority to manage their workforce independent of DAS administrative rules, policies, and personnel reporting systems. Examples include Oregon Lottery, Oregon Judicial Department, the Oregon University System and Oregon's semi-independent boards and commissions.
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Report: How Employee Positions are Created, Budgeted and Used

The following report was prepared in June 2008, and provides a general introduction to budget related issues for state employees and their positions. It also answers some frequently asked questions about state employees and the budget.  Click on the following link to access this report.

How Employee Positions are Created, Budgeted and Used (.pdf, 92KB)

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State Employees Salaries

Each annual salary listed in this report is 12 times that particular employee's monthly adjusted salary rate as of June 30, 2016. "Annual Salary" includes most differential paryments (such as work-out-of-classification and bilingual differential), but excludes payments for overtime, shift differential, benefits, and  vacation payout.

In addition, this report does not include annual salaries for employees of semi- independent agencies, temporary employees, or records protected by court order.

This salary report
is sorted by Agency and is machine readable.
Click on the following link to view or download this dataset.
Salaries: State Employees: Fiscal Year 2016

State Employees Salaries: Data Viewer

For your convenience a Data Viewer has been embedded below. Click on the search icon in the upper left hand corner of the frame to search for specific information contained within the data file. To open the data viewer and access the full capabilities of the data, click on the    icon in the top right hand corner of the frame.

This will open up a new window and redirect you to the data.oregon.gov website, where you will be able to use a wide range of tools to visualize, filter, download data, and create graphs.


 State Employee Salary as of June 30, 2016


Data Viewer - Additional Guidelines

For more views of the data, to download the file in various formats, or to print the data, click on MENU in the top right hand corner of the viewer. You may also select "Discuss this Dataset" via the MENU and leave comments about the data.

Note: See the data.oregon.gov data moderation policy prior to commenting.       

Historical Information: Salaries \ Oregon University System (OUS)

*Note: Changes within the Oregon University System (OUS)

In 2014 and 2015 there were governance changes in higher education, including statutory amendments that no longer require public universities to report through the transparency website. For more information, website links are provided below.  

Salary Report
or Website Link
​Eastern Oregon University Website Link
​Oregon Institute of Technology Website Link
​Oregon State University Website Link
​Portland State University Website Link
​Southern Oregon University Website Link
​University of Oregon Website Link
​Western Oregon University Website Link

Salaries: Oregon Lottery

Oregon State Lottery: Annual Employee Salary Reports

The Lottery separated from the State’s payroll system on June 1, 2013. This was done to improve productivity and efficiency of the Lottery’s payroll process, by partnering with Ceridian, a payroll service provider who provides an automated time and attendance system, and a Human Resource/Payroll system.  

This report lists salary data for the Oregon State Lottery as of June 30, 2016.  This data reflects the annual salary rate based on assigned primary duties and work effort at that time.  It does not include payments for overtime, shift differential, benefits, vacation payout, etc.  This salary data may not reconcile to a full-time annualized salary rate or actual wages paid.  Reasons include fluctuations in work effort, and terms and conditions of employment that change over time.   

Click on the following link to view or download this machine readable dataset.

Salaries: Oregon Lottery Employees: Fiscal Year 2016


Historical Information

The Oregon Transparency website is updated annually. Historical website information is provide through Website History.

Access to salary specific information from previous years is provided below.

State Employee Salaries by Fiscal Year



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