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The State Debt Policy Advisory Commission (SDPAC) tracks Oregon’s financial health and protects Oregon’s credit rating by informing state officials about amount of debt that Oregon can prudently incur. Without the ability to borrow money through bonds, it would be nearly impossible to finance critical infrastructure projects that provide important public benefits to multiple generations of Oregonians. However, borrowing too much would endanger Oregon’s ability to meet its obligations and jeopardize the state’s credit rating.

The prudent management of Oregon’s debt provides Oregon an excellent credit rating, which generates dramatic savings for taxpayers year after year.

The SDPAC consists of five members, including a representative from each of the two houses of the Oregon Legislature, a member of the public knowledgeable about public finance, and the State Treasurer, who chairs the Commission.


Members of the State Debt Policy Advisory Commission

  • Tobias Read, Chair
    Ex Officio Member 
  • Representative Phil Barnhart
    House of Representatives Appointee 
  • Senator Betsy Johnson
    Senate Appointee 
  • Timothy Duy
    Public Member 
  • Katy Coba, DAS Director
    Ex Officio Member 

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 Annual Reports

Meeting Dates, Agendas, & Minutes


January 25, 2018

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​​January 23, 2017 Minutes Speaker.jpg
​​January 13, 2017 Minutes​ ​ 


January 26, 2016 Minutes Speaker.jpg
January 19, 2016 Minutes​  
January 22, 2015 ​​Minutes​ Speaker.jpg
January 14, 2015 MinutesSpeaker.jpg


 January 17, 2014 MinutesSpeaker.jpg
 January 10, 2014​ MinutesSpeaker.jpg
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