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Third Party Vendor Requirements

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ORS 293.875 designates the State Treasurer as the sole cash management officer for the state.  It gives Treasury the authority to review, establish, and modify procedures for the efficient handling of cash and cash equivalents under the control of the State Treasurer, the Secretary of State, the Judicial Department, the Legislative Assembly, and State agencies.  State agencies are directed to employ the principles, standards and related requirements for cash management prescribed by the State Treasurer.

When dealing with cash management processes, including those related to the processing, storage, or transmission of ACH, credit card, or debit card transactions, agencies are required to use third party vendors that comply with industry and Oregon State Treasury requirements.

While it is currently under revision, the existing Third Party Vendor Policy can be accessed here  along with the Third Party Vendor Application.  An updated policy will be made available at this same link in the near future. 

Questions? Please call (503) 378-4633 and ask to be connected with a Treasury staff member to discuss Third Party Vendor requirements.