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T​he Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP or the “Pool”) is an open-ended, no-load diversified portfolio offered to eligible participants that includes, but is not limited to, any municipality, political subdivision or public corporation of this state that by law is made the custodian of, or has control of, any public funds. The LGIP is commingled with the State's short-term funds.

LGIP Business Systems Renewal NEW

Treasury is partnering with PFM Asset Management LLC to provide administrative and operational support for the pool. PFM's EON (Easy Online Network) system will replace Treasury's existing Voice Response System with a web-based option to view accounts and perform transactions.

In preparation for the coming transition, participants need to complete and submit a packet of forms. Packets will be mailed to participants throughout June and July 2017. As transitions packets are mailed, review the lists below to see if your organization was included and the mailing address used.

  • Mailing Group 1​​(sent 6/14/2017)
  • Mailing Gr​oup 2 (not yet sent)
  • Mailing Group 3 (not yet sent)​

If you have any questions about the forms or how to complete them, contact PFM's Client Services team at (855) OST-LGIP or (855) 678-5447.​​ Additional copies of the forms are available below.

Please do not access these forms until you receive your packet in the mail.

Until EON goes live, continue using the Voice Response System or contact Treasury's Local Government Coordinator at (800) 452-0345 to initiate transactions or maintain account information.

Local Government Investment Pool Resources

Local Government Investment Pool Information Statement

Voice Response System Instruction & Menu Sheet 

Memo Regarding Limitation in ORS 294.810​​​  ​​

Online Banking Services – Local Government User Manual
Form C-26, Local Government User Registration/Deregistration Request

SFMS Distribution Document Numbers​​​​