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Oregon Short Term Fund Rate Changes

Interest Rates Paid on Account Balances in the OSTF
Interest is accrued on interest bearing accounts based on the end of day balance of the account times the rate for that day, divided by the number of days in the year. Accrued interest is distributed on the last day of the month and includes interest accrued for the last day of the month

The following table reflects the changes in the interest rate paid:  

December 18, 2017 ​​1.70%
​November 1, 20​17​ ​1.55%
​June 30, 2017 ​​1.45%
​March, 20, 2017
​January 1, 2017 1.15%
​September 26, 2016 ​1.03%
​July 27, 2016 ​0.92%
​​May 25, 2016 ​0.875%
​February 24, 2016 ​​0.75%
​​January 11, 2016 ​ 0.67%
​December 7, 2015  ​0.60%
​J​une 8, 2015  ​0.54%
​November 20, 2014 ​ 0.50%
February 4, 2013​ ​ 0.54%
March 22, 2012​  0.60%​
October 28, 2010 to March 21, 2012​  0.50%​
January 29, 2010 to October 27, 2010​  0.55%​


The following are the average daily rates paid during the month:    

​December 2017 ​1.6177%
​November 2017 ​1.5500%
​O​ctober 2017 ​1.4500%
​September 2017 ​1.4500%
​August 2017 ​1.4500%
​July 2017 ​1.4500%
​June 2017​ ​1.3050%
​May 2017 ​1.3000%​
A​pril 2017 ​1.3000%
March 2017 ​1.2081%
February 2017 ​1.1500%
January 2017 ​1.1500%
December 2016​ ​1.0300%

OSTF Financial Statements  

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Other OSTF Reports​  

OSTF Monthly Compliance Summary

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As part of the Oregon Short Term Fund’s investment process, the Treasury purchases Time Certificates of Deposit (TCD’s) from qualified institutions. The process is a formal monthly program that purchases local bank TCD’s under authority of ORS 295.081. 

Each month, on order date, the OSTF investment officer will determine the maturity dates and the rate for each maturity date for that month’s TCD’s. Maturity date and rate information will be available by 9:00 a.m. Orders may be submitted at any time before 1:00 p.m. on order date. 

TCD rates will be set by the Treasury as of 9:00 am on the order date and will be equal to the rate posted for US Certificates of Deposit (A1+/P1) rate indices as provided by Bloomberg, unless the order date falls on a day when the series is not updated, the data used will be for the working day prior to that order date.  

Maturity dates will vary depending on Treasury needs but will always fall on a subsequent TCD settlement date; i.e., all CD’s will be for 1, 2 or 3 months. Please refer to TCD schedule for actual dates. 

The Treasury will attempt to keep a minimum of $200 million available for Oregon TCD’s. If orders received are for less than the total available for the TCD’s, the balance will be invested to the next maturity date and will again be made available to banks. 

General Guidelines for TCD's ​

TCD Set-rate Order Procedure  

Following is the schedule for the Treasury Set-Rate TCD Program for 2016.  If you have any questions concerning the program, you may reach Angela Schaffers (503) 431-7900.

2018 TCD Schedule​

2017 TCD Schedule​

This material available in alternate format and media upon request.

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