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Funds Under State Treasury Management

Overview of Funds.   Values are of Dec 31 of each year.
Fund Name
2013 Value Millions
2012 Value
Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF) $67,913 $61,056
Oregon Short-Term Fund (OSTF)1 12,718 11,328
State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF) 4,417 4,420
Common School Fund (CSF) 1,362 1,179
Oregon Vets Bond Sinking Fund 94 81
Department of Consumer & Business Affairs Fund 183 180
Department of Administrative Services Funds 163 129
Higher Education Endowment Fund 76 67
Other Funds 569 605
Total 87,495 79,045
1  Most of the State's operations are run out of the Oregon Short-Term Fund, which includes many smaller funds. This balance excludes cash balances reported as a component of fund balances for OPERF, SAIF, HIED, and the CSF.