Application Status Inquiry
To obtain information regarding your application, you will need to access your online account with TSPC.
Which system you access depends on when you applied for your license, registration, or certificate:
  • Applications received by TSPC in 2016 or later:

Check the application status through TSPC's eLicensing system using your login information: Available 1/19/16

  • Applications received by TSPC in 2015 or prior: 
     Enter:  your name exactly as it appears on your license, your TSPC account number, your birth date, and the last four digits of your social security number 
If you cannot find your records in our system:
     If this search comes back with, “There are no individuals who match your inquiry,” you have not filled out the information as it appears on your license. 
     If you cannot locate your license, you can find how your name is listed in our system by entering:  your last name and first initial. 
     Once you have found your records, return to the Educator Look up and enter your name as it appears in our system, by entering the information listed above.  
You will find our current processing date, as well as the date your materials were submitted, at the top of the page, under your name.