Credit and Debit Card Payments
As of July 1, 2014, all licensure applications must only be accompanied by a check or money order.  We will continue to accept credit or debit cards in person at the TSPC office or when making a payment via telephone call to (503) 378-3586.  There will be no exceptions.
For a short time, we piloted accepting credit and debit card payments with the application form which were then processed by our license evaluators; credit card volume was consuming three to five hours a day reducing our ability to issue licenses.  Applicants would often submit the paper form through different media, e.g. fax and email attachments, causing duplicate payments and a large volume of refunds, again taking away valuable resources away from issuing licenses.
This decision comes with a great deal of thought of where our resources can best be spent.   Schools are in the height of hiring season, and we believe our wisest use of resources is in issuing licenses to those who will serve in Oregon’s classrooms.
Thank you for your consideration.