The image of your license is not available.
Why can’t I view an image of my license?
There are three main reasons you may not be able to view the image of your license:
1.       The license was issued prior to 4/1/2013. TSPC did not begin generating the license image until 4/1/2013.
2.       The license was issued within the last 48 hours. Images are generally made available 48 hours after the license has been issued.
3.       The information you entered into the form fields isn’t the same information in your TSPC file. In order to be able to see an image of your license, you must complete what we call a "positive id" in the Educator Lookup.  A “positive ID” means is that you must fill in all of the fields: first, middle, last name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of your Social Security Number exactly as you reported them to TSPC.
I don’t remember how I reported my name: Then enter just your first and last name into the search fields. You’ll see a list of everyone with that name. Once you’ve determined which record is yours, take note of the name fields. Go back to the main search screen and enter the name exactly as you saw it.
Note: If after 48 hours you still can't see an image of your license, please send an email to  Please include your name and account number, and a message stating that you have waited 48 hours and still can't see an image of your license.