$120 to apply for your first Oregon educator license if you hold an unrestricted license from another state
$100 to apply for:
·         Oregon license if you completed a program in Oregon
·         Issuance of any of the following teaching licenses: Initial I, Initial II, International Teaching License, CTE I, CTE II, Substitute, Continuing, Basic, or Standard  license
·         Any of the following non-teaching licenses: School Social Worker, Personnel Services License, Exceptional Administrator, Distinguished Administrator and School Nurse
·         Any restricted or emergency license
·         Adding an endorsement to your current license. (Renewing/upgrading and adding an endorsement at the same time will only be $100.)
·         Renewal of any of the following  licenses: Initial I, Initial II, CTE II, Substitute, Five year CTE, Five year Teaching, Continuing, Basic, or Standard license
$75 to apply for:
      Charter School Registration ($18 application fee plus $57 fingerprint processing)
$57 for fingerprint processing
$50 to apply for:
     Upgrading from an Initial teaching license to an Initial I teaching license
$25 to apply for:
·         Renewal of a Charter school registry
·         Renewal of an International Visiting Teacher License
·         Renewal of a Career and Technical Education (CTE) I teaching license
·         License of Conditional Assignment (LCA)
$20 to processing the following requests:
·         Request an approved extension of a provisional license
·         Add a district to a provisional license
Late fees:
$25 per month or partial month late fee, not to exceed $125 in late fee charges