Forms for All Educators
  • This is the application form used to apply for or renew most licenses and registrations, and to add endorsement to existing license.
  • This form can NOT be submitted electronically at this time.  Instead, you must print the form and mail it to our office.
Professional Educator Experience Report (PEER form)
  • The PEER form is used to verify employee work experience and professional development
  • This form may be submitted online or by printing the form and mailing it in a school district sealed envelope.
  • This form was created in PDF Adobe Acrobat format. Some of the form’s capabilities are not available using older versions of Adobe Reader software. In order to sign and submit this form electronically, you will need to have a newer version of Adobe Reader.  If you encounter problems while completing the form, please visit:, to download a free version of the newest Adobe Reader software.
·         Fingerprint cards are required for all new license applicants and students who are placed in Oregon schools to complete student teaching.
·         If you have a gap in licensure for three years or more, you must resubmit fingerprints.
  •  Fingerprints cannot be processed unless you also submit an application.

FBI Fingerprint Card (This should only be used in the event you cannot obtain an actual card. It is suggested to print on card stock.)

  • This card must NOT be folded once it has been printed out.  This may cause the fingerprints to be unreadable by the Oregon State Police.
  • Fingerprint cards cannot be accepted without the required TSPC Fingerprint Handler Sheet. You can find it under Fingerprint Instructions and Handler Sheet above.

Student Teaching or Practicum Report (PA-1 form)

  • The PA-1 form is required of all students in Oregon-approved educator programs, as well as students completing out-of-state programs who wish to be placed in Oregon schools to complete student teaching.  

Application for Gold Seal License (D-1 Form)

  • This form is used to request a paper copy of your active educator license with the state of Oregon gold seal.

Application for Endorsement Removal (E-1 Form)

  • This form is used to remove an endorsement you currently hold on your current educator license.  
Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • This is general information concerning changes to this program that went into effect in May 2012 and additional upcoming changes to this program.  
  • For information concerning the PDU requirements specific to individual license types, please click here.     
·         This is the form for Verifying Attendance at Event for PDU credit.  If you plan to attend an event that is eligible for PDU credit but the event does not provide a certificate of attendance, please fill out the top portion of this form and take it to the event.  Request that an authority figure related to sponsorship of the event sign the form, verifying your attendance.
  • The HQ Request form is to be submitted by educators who want to request that TSPC review their license and experience to determine if they are "Highly Qualified Teachers" under the federal No Child Left Behind Act
  • This form is to verify that each educator has completed a teacher preparation program
    • This version of the form should be filled in by out-of-state colleges and universities only.
    • Oregon colleges and universities must submit this form online.
  • The N-1 form is to be filled out by nurses who wish to apply for a school nurse license.
This complaint form may be used any person (educator, parent, etc.) who wishes to file a complaint concerning an Oregon educator.