Why it is currently taking TSPC so long to issue licenses?
Summers are always a busy time in this office due to school district hiring and new teachers entering the workforce.  TSPC’s staff has been reduced from 24 to 16 over the past 18 months due to budget cuts.  We also had a license evaluator resign in early July to be with her family.  Additionally, our front office staff has been out on medical leave for nearly 10 weeks.  This means that licensure staff must be rotated through to assist with managing the high volume of applications, money, and paperwork received daily.
We currently have three people who are trained to issue licenses and two people who are trained to answer phone calls and email.  It is impossible to keep up with the volume with this level of staffing.
We are in the process of hiring new staff to assist with the phone calls and email. This will allow us to promote current staff in order to have five people issuing licenses rather than three people.
Additionally, some staff are working overtime in order to answer email during our “off” hours.
We appreciate your patience. 
Tips that will help us (and you) out:
1.  The date we are processing applications is printed daily on our web page.  If your application was submitted after that date, roughly calculate the amount of time from the date we are processing to get an idea of when we hope to get to your license.
2.  If you are a veteran teacher renewing your license, so long as your C-1 application and fee has been received prior to the expiration date on your license, then you are by law entitled to a 120-day grace period.  This means your license remains active and valid for about 4 months following its expiration date.
3.  If you do not submit your fee and C-1 application form prior to your license expiring, then your license expires. However, if you submit your application and fee during what would have been the 120 day grace period, you will have the remainder of the grace period.  Please note there will be late fees if your application materials are not received prior to expiration of your license.
4. You may access your file by going to Educator Look Up on our home web page: http://www.tspc.oregon.gov/lookup_application/lookup_query.asp  Complete the blanks as indicated.  If you are unable to find your file, clear the page, place your last name only in that box , hit “enter” and see how your name is listed in our files. You can access your previous letters (gives you advice on what you need to renew); see what exact documents we have received; see when your license expires and other valuable information.
5.  Do not send duplicate email. We are not ignoring the email, but we are taking the oldest ones first.  Currently, there are over 2,000 pending email.
6.  We have included a credit card form on our application to allow you to submit your money via that form. We destroy the numbers after they have been entered into the system and only keep your name portion of the form.
7. Submit your application for renewal 60 days or more prior to the expiration date.
8. Please do not argue about late fees.  They are levied when application materials are late. They are required by statute and rules.
About the phones:
There is one person answering the phone and helping people who walk in. We answer the phones continuously from 8:00 to 4:45 p.m. even over lunch. We do not have a voice mail box because we do not have the staff to transfer messages.
Please consider one of the following:
1.  Sending an email;
2. Calling at another time;
3.  Have your questions ready and wrap up the call quickly. There are others holding to talk also.
4.  The volume of the workload is out of our hands and our staff is working as hard and as quickly as possible to get the work done.
Thank you for your patience as we transition through this busy period!