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Inform TSPC if You Change Your Name



If your name has changed, please submit an email or letter listing your previous name and new name, along with your TSPC acct number or the last four (4) digits of your SSN.

Please attach one of the following, documenting your new name:

  • COPY of marriage certificate or court order establishing the new name;
  • PEER form or letter from a district verifying the name change; or 
  • Program Completion Report (C-2) or university transcripts.

If you want to use your driver’s license or social security card as evidence of your name change:
  • Please come in to the office in person, so that we may inspect these documents. We are not able to accept copies of either your driver’s license or social security card.

If you are returning to a name previously used on an Oregon educator license, you will only need some evidence that you are using the former name. Court documentation is not required.

Please contact us at 503-378-3586 or 
for additional assistance.