The Transitional School Psychology License is the first stage psychology license issued to candidates who hold (or have ever held) an unrestricted school psychology license issued by another state or comparable jurisdiction, together with a master's or higher degree in educational or therapeutic psychology from a regionally accredited institution or approved foreign equivalent, and are able to successfully pass a background clearance check.
The Transitional School Psychologist License is issued for 18 months and is not renewable.  This license is valid for school psychology at all age or grade levels, substitute counseling at any level and substitute teaching at any level in any specialty.  During the 18 month period that the license is valid you will need to complete specific requirements in order to obtain your next license. 
A letter will accompany the Transitional School Psychologist License when it is issued explaining exactly what requirements will need to be met in order to obtain the next school psychologist license.
In order to be eligible for a Transitional School Psychologist License, you will need to submit the following:
2)    $120 non-refundable processing fee;
3)    $57 non-refundable fingerprint processing fee;
4)    Fingerprint Card & Fingerprint Handler Sheet sealed together by the authorized person who completes your prints;
5)    Official unopened transcripts verifying a bachelors degree in any field and a masters degree in educational or therapeutic psychology from a regionally accredited institution or approved foreign equivalent sealed by the college or university. (We recommend you submit official transcripts of all preparation you have completed.);
6)  Copy (front and back) of your full time unrestricted out of state school psychology license.
You are required to submit the fingerprint card and handler sheet even if your fingerprints have already been cleared by another Oregon agency or another state.  Please submit the fingerprint materials with your other application materials.
You may make one payment of $177 by check or money order made payable to “TSPC;” or with a debit or credit card by calling (503) 378-3586. (We do not accept American Express.)   To make the payment over the phone you must wait until you have received an email from TSPC stating we received your application materials.  A payment will NOT be taken over the phone until we have received your application materials.