Continuing Professional Development – Professional Development Units
If you are employed under contract with a district please contact your HR office. 
Professional Development Units – Generally
Professional Development Units (PDUs) are now required for all renewable licenses EXCEPT for the following licenses:
  • Initial Teaching License (tests are generally required)*
  • Initial I Teaching License (GRADUATE credit is required)*
  • Initial Administrator License (GRADUATE  credit is required)*
  • Initial I School Counseling License (GRADUATE credit is required)*
* All information regarding renewal is contained in the letter that accompanied your last license.
The most recent PDU changes only affect educators that are not employed with a school district or charter school, and who teach less than half time or only substitute teach.
PDUs are required by license type NOT employment status.  Fully licensed (not on a substitute teaching license) educators now must complete 75 PDUs for a 3 year license and 125 PDUs for a 5 year license. Substitute Teaching License and Restricted Substitute Teaching License holders are now required to complete 30 PDUs.  PDUs must be completed during the life of the current license.
What activities may be used as PDUs?
Activities must fall within one of the seven “standards” specified in OAR 584-090-0110 in order to earn credit.  These professional development opportunities do not differ from PDUs that were required if or when you were a full-time employed educator.  The standards may be located at:
More information on the PDU standards:
Educators do not have to complete college coursework in order to earn PDU credit.  Although coursework is completely acceptable, there are other options, as well.  If an educator chooses to complete coursework, credit may be earned from a community college, college, or university so long as the course number is 100 or greater; in other words, either undergraduate or graduate level credit is acceptable.
Coursework counts as follows:
  • One quarter of college credit = 20 PDUs 
  • One semester of college credit = 30 PDUs
For activities that are not college coursework, PDUs will be counted as one hour of “seat time” = one PDU.
You may not submit temporary education employment opportunities where your license is required as PDUs for renewal.
Where do I submit documentation?
If you are employed less than half-time, a substitute, or currently not working in an Oregon school district or charter school, then you must submit your PDU documentation to an Oregon Educators Professional Development Certification partnering Education Service District.
You may do this by going to the website and following the simple instructions. You will be asked for demographic information and to pay a $25 processing fee. Once this is complete you will receive an e-mail with where to send your materials. Materials may be sent via mail, e-mail, or fax.
**Official transcripts are required when college or university courses are used as professional development.  The ESD must receive these in a sealed envelope from the college/university, or by secure PDF sent directly from the college/university.
The ESDs will electronically verify your PDU documentation.
Any questions or concern about submission of PDUs or the website itself can be directed to: