How to advance from an Oregon Initial Teaching License to a new licensure type
Please read these instructions carefully, as the requirements specific to your license type may have changed since you received your original advice letter.  Use these instructions to ensure that you are submitting all necessary information required to move to your next license. 
Fees for Renewing License:  
·      Nonrefundable processing fee of $50 or $100, explained in section "B"
·      Late fees of $25 for each month or portion of a month that your license is expired, up to a maximum of $125
A.   Instructions Specific to This License:
The Initial Teaching License is not eligible for renewal.  Instead, you must now qualify for one of the following:  the Initial I Teaching License, Initial II Teaching License, or the Continuing Teaching License.  Please review each of the following three alternatives:
OPTION 1:  Qualify for an Initial I Teaching License
To qualify for this license, you must: 
a)    Have held a non-provisional teaching license issued by an approved jurisdiction;
b)    Submit official passing scores on THREE types of exams, as follows:
1)    Civil Rights Exam:  This test is required of ALL Oregon educators; there is no waiver.  As a fully-licensed teacher in another state before coming to Oregon, you were eligible to teach for 18 months on the Initial Teaching License before being required to take the exam.  However, before you can be issued another Oregon license, you will need to submit a passing score for this exam.  Information concerning this test, the “Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments (ORELA): Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment” exam, can be obtained at (
2)    Basic Skills Exam: Submit passing scores for ONE of the following Basic Skills Exams (Reading, Writing and Mathematics):
o    Praxis 1: Pre-Professional Skills Assessment (PPST); or
o    California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST); or
o    Washington Educator Skills Test – Basic (WEST-B); or
o    ORELA: Essential Academic Skills Exam (EAS)
NoteThe basic skills exam will be waived if you submit one of the following:
o       Official transcripts verifying completion of a Master’s degree from a regionally-accredited institution from another state or foreign equivalent AND a copy of your full educator license from another state; or
o       Official sealed transcripts verifying completion of a doctorate degree from a regionally-accredited institution or foreign equivalent; or
o       A copy of your non-provisional California Teaching Credential.
3)     Subject Matter Exams: Please consult the TSPC website to determine the appropriate tests for your endorsement area.  Please know that the subject matter tests that you took in your original state may be deemed “comparable” to Oregon’s tests for the same subject matter.  If your tests ARE deemed comparable, you will not be required to take Oregon’s subject matter exams.
Note:  If you qualify for the Initial I Teaching License, during your NEXT two renewal cycles, you MUST show progress toward completion of the requirements for either the Initial II Teaching License or the optional Continuing Teaching License.  When you receive your Initial I Teaching License, please carefully review the instructions regarding what is required to “show progress.”
OPTION 2:  Qualify for an Initial II Teaching License
To qualify for this license, you must:
a)      Meet all of the requirements for the Initial I Teaching License (see Option #1 above); AND
b)      Meet ONE of the following two alternatives:
1.     If your original Initial, Initial I, or out-of-state non-provisional teaching license was based on completion of a Bachelor’s degree, you must:
a.     Complete an additional degree:
o        Earn a master’s degree or higher in the arts or sciences, or
o        Earn an advanced degree in the professions from a regionally accredited institution in the US, or
o        Earn the foreign equivalent of such a degree approved by the commission, OR
b.     Complete graduate level coursework equivalent to a degree, as follows: 
This coursework must be germane to your license or public school employment.  You must earn at least 10 semester hours or 15 quarter hours of graduate level coursework in each of the following:
o    Subject matter coursework; and
o    Education-related coursework; and
o    Elective coursework.
2.     If your first license in any state was based on completion of a graduate-level teacher preparation program OR an advanced degree, you must:
a.     Demonstrate that your graduate program culminated in a master’s degree or at least 45 quarter hours or 30 semester hours of graduate courses, AND
c.      Demonstrate that you completed at least 6 semester hours or 9 quarter hours of graduate-level credit from a regionally-accredited college or university.  This coursework must have been completed AFTER your first non-provisional teaching license from any state was issued AND this coursework must:
o        Be germane to your teaching license or public school employment; and
o        Include pedagogy, or content related to an existing or new endorsement or authorization; and
o         Be verified on a transcript from a regionally-accredited institution.
OPTION 3:  Qualify for a Continuing Teaching License 
To qualify for this optional license, you must meet all of the requirements for the Initial II Teaching License (see Option #2 above); AND
You must complete ALL of the following:
1.     Hold one of the following degrees, together with an equally-accredited Bachelor’s degree:
o       Master’s or higher in the arts and sciences;
o       An advanced degree in the professions from a regionally-accredited institution in the US; or
o       The foreign equivalent of such degree approved by the commission, AND
2.     Have taught five years of at least half-time or more on any non-provisional license in any state appropriate to teach your subject; AND
3.     Complete ONE of the following:
o        A TSPC-approved Continuing Teaching License program offered by an Oregon institution with an approved CTL program (demonstrated by a Form C-2); or
o        A doctorate degree in education from a regionally-accredited institution; or
o        Certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards; or
o        Certificate of Clinical Competence awarded by the American Speech and Hearing Association (for those holding a communication disorders endorsement); or
o        Professional Certificate from State of Washington.
B.  General Instructions for Submitting Materials:
1.  Submit the processing fee. The amount of this fee will depend upon the license to which you are moving. If you are moving to the Initial I Teaching License, you must submit a non-refundable fee of $50. If you are moving to the Initial II or Continuing Teaching License, you will need to submit a non-refundable fee of $100. This fee is not refundable. You may pay by check or money order made out to "TSPC;" or with a debit or credit card by calling (503) 378-3586. (We do not accept American Express.)
2.  Complete all sections of the Application for License or Registration (C-1 form)You must carefully answer the Character Questions on page 4 of this form. Click here for the instructions on answering these questions. Be sure to sign and date the form, once completed.  
3.  Request that your Oregon district(s)/school complete the Professional Educator Experience Report (PEER form)and submit the form to TSPC. 
Filled out the C-1 application form completely, including answering the character questions?
Signed and dated the C-1 application form?  (Your application must be signed and dated within 60 days prior to the date the application is received by TSPC and cannot be post-dated.)
Submitted the processing fee?
Confirmed that your district(s) completed the PEER form verifying any Oregon educator experience?  The PEER form must be submitted in a sealed school district envelope or submitted electronically by the school district directly to TSPC.
Confirmed that TSPC has received official transcript(s) bearing the seal of the institution and the signature of the registrar, if coursework needs to be verified?  Transcripts must be submitted in an envelope sealed by the institution or submitted electronically by the college or university directly to TSPC.
A signed C-1 application form and the requisite fee must be received before the expiration date of your current license.
·         This license is eligible for the 120-day grace period.  You MUST submit the C-1 form and required fee PRIOR to the expiration of your license in order for the 120-day grace period to activate. 
·         Late feesThe late fee is $25 for each month or portion of a month for which your license is expired, up to a maximum of $125 in late fees.
·         You do NOT need to submit all of your materials at the same time.  It is acceptable to submit materials as you complete them.
·         Please do NOT staple your materials together.
Failure to provide all necessary materials in a timely manner will delay issuance of your license.
For additional assistance, please contact us at or (503) 378-3586.