Testing Information:                                                                                                                                         

TSPC does not administer any tests directly; instead, we contract with two testing companies to provide tests for Oregon educators.  Please know that the commission occasionally adopts new tests.  Before you sign up for an exam, please check this site or the sites for the two testing companies to ensure that you are taking an exam that is currently approved in Oregon.

Testing Companies:
The Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments (ORELA) exams are offered by the Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson.  Nearly all tests required in Oregon are ORELA exams (see below).  You may obtain information concerning how to take and study for the ORELA exams by going to the ORELA website at the follow link: www.orela.nesinc.com.   

The Praxis exams are offered by Educational Testing Service (ETS).  Only a very limited number of Oregon licensure exams are now offered by PRAXIS.  TSPC will not accept a PRAXIS test in lieu of an ORELA test if it was taken and passed after September 1, 2009.  Please check before signing up to take an exam.  You may obtain information concerning how to take and study for the Praxis exams by going to the Praxis website at the following link: www.ets.org/praxis/or.

Tests Required in Oregon:                                                                                                          
There are two types of tests that potential Oregon educators must pass:
1.  Civil Rights Exam
2.  Subject Mastery Exams
Before you take any test, please double-check to be sure that you are taking the correct test with the appropriate testing company.  You can get this information by checking below or going directly to the ORELA and Praxis websites. 
If you are moving to Oregon and you already hold an educator license in another state, the following exams may not be required for your first license.
All educators must submit an official passing score on the approved civil rights exam before receiving a first license in Oregon.  Information concerning this test, the Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment exam, is only offered through ORELA
·       As of September 1, 2009, TSPC no longer recognizes workshops, online courses or other tests in lieu of the ORELA civil rights exam. 
If you have a license from another state, you may have additional time to complete the Oregon civil rights exam. Click here for more information.
You will need to pass the exam(s) specific to your license and endorsements. Again, since the commission occasionally adopts new tests, please check to be sure that you are taking the correct exams. The following test information was updated on April 24, 2012.
If you would like to add an additional endorsement to your current Oregon license, please know that taking a subject matter exam may not be the only requirement needed to add the endorsement. Please contact us to determine exactly what is required.
ORELA (Pearson) currently provides the following exams for these endorsement areas:
·       Art - Art exam
·       Biology - Biology exam
·       General Business Education - Business Education exam
·       Chemistry - Chemistry exam
·       Early Childhood Education - Early Childhood Education exam (only for Basic/Standard licenses)
·       Elementary​ Education - Subtests I and II​
·       ESOL - English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) exam
·       Family and Consumer Sciences - Family and Consumer Sciences exam
·       French – French: World Language exam
·       Health Education - Health exam
·       Integrated Science - General Science exam
·       Language Arts - English Language Arts exam
·       Math (Advanced) - Mathematics exam
·       Math (Basic) - Middle Grades Mathematics exam
·       Middle School Language Arts - Middle Grades English Language Arts exam
·       Middle School Science - Middle Grades General Science exam
·       Middle School Social Studies - Middle Grades Social Science exam
·       Music - Music exam
·       Physical Education - Physical Education exam
·       Physics - Physics exam
·       Social Studies - Social Science exam
·       Library Media - School Library Media Specialist exam
·       Spanish - Spanish exam
·       Special Education - Special Education exam
Praxis (ETS) currently provides the exams for the following endorsement areas:
·       Agricultural Science and Technology - Agriculture exam
·       Communication Disorders - Speech Language Pathology exam 
·       Early Intervention/Early Childhood - Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood exam
·       German - German: World Language exam
·       Hearing Impaired - Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students exam
·       Marketing - Marketing Education exam 
·       Reading - Reading Specialist exam
·       Speech- Speech Communication: Content Knowledge exam
·       Technology Education - Technology Education exam
·       Visually Impaired - Special Education: Teaching Students with Visual Impairments exam
If you have already passed subject matter exams to obtain your out-of-state educator license, you may not need to take Oregon’s subject matter exams.  Click here for more information.
























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