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    The Wage and Hour Division serves Oregon wage earners by enforcing laws covering state minimum wage and overtime requirements, working conditions, child labor, farm and forest labor contracting, and wage collection.
    The division also enforces the payment of prevailing wage rates required to be paid to construction workers on public works projects. BOLI determines and publishes prevailing wage rates based on an annual construction industry survey.

    Unpaid Wages?  Final Paycheck Still Due?  Unlawful Deductions?

    The Wage and Hour Division accepts claims for unpaid wages for hours worked; overtime wages for hours worked over 40 in a workweek; final wages, and unlawful deductions. Additionally, if your employer has gone out of business and you have not been paid your final wages, you may file a claim with the Wage and Hour Division to be paid from the Wage Security Fund.
    Check out these links for information on filing a claim, final wage payment and unlawful deductions, as well as to get a copy of our wage claim form.

 Wage & Hour

It's Time to Update Minimum Wage Posters!

In a move to contain costs and preserve limited budget resources, BOLI no longer mails copies of minimum wage poster to Oregon's 130,000 employers saving taxpayers about $43,000 each year. The poster, which is required to be posted in all Oregon workplaces, is available for free from the agency's website.
Minimum Wage Posters

BOLI is also warning Oregonians to beware of any solicitations from businesses that sell required postings for profit. All legally required postings are available for free from the issuing agency. BOLI also sells composite posters of the most commonly required postings together on one sheet -- for about a quarter of what for-profit companies charge!


Live Entertainment Workers - what are my rights?


Filing a Wage Claim with BOLI

Filling Out the Wage Claim Form

How to Look up a Prevailing Wage Rate

How to File a Prevailing Wage Rate Complaint

How to Complete Certified Payroll (WH-38) for a Public Works Project


 Prevailing Wage

The Prevailing Wage unit offers free assistance, including HANDBOOKS and SEMINARS, to help contractors and public agencies stay in compliance with PWR law.