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New/Proposed Administrative Rules
OAR 839-001-0126

Temporary Rule (2020)

Temporary Rule (2020)

Notice and Proposed Rule​
Notice to Legislators and Interested Parties
House Bill 2202 (2019) 
Notice of Permanent Rule
Emergency Exemption to Maximum Working Hours in Certain Manufacturing Establishments

Allows for utilization of OFLA during statewide public health emergency

Processing of Apprenticeship Program Minutes

​Trade o​utreach to Veterans Grant Program OL CH. 528 (2019)
​​839-001​ Amount of Claim to be paid from the Wage Security Fund

House Bill 3193 (2019)

​Amends Wage Security Fund rules to implement OL CH. 444 (2019)                  


839-005 Employment Protections and Rights relating to Pregnancy

Notice and Proposed Rule

House Bill 2341 (2019)​

Amends Employment Protections and Rights Relating to Pregnancy rule to implement OL CH. 139 (2019)                 

839-006 Disability and Employment Rights: Reasonable Accomodation

House Bill 2598 (2019)​

Amends Disability and Employment Rights rules to implement OL CH. 71 (2019)


839-008 Bona Fide Factors (pay differentials)

Senate Bill 123 (2019)​​

Repeals definition of “system” to implement OL CH. 617 (2019)         

Temporary Rule (BLI-1 2019)
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking​
Notice to Legislators and Interested Parties​

​Amendment to division 11 implementing PRISM reporting. 

839-015 Procedure for obtaining a License

​​Notice and Proposed Rule

Notice to Legislators and Interested Parties​

​Increases property services contractor license fee to implement OL CH. 633 (2019)​
839-020 Rest Periods for Expression of Milk

Notice and Proposed Rule
Notice to Legislators and Interested Parties​

HB 2593 (2019)

Amends Rest Periods for Expression of Milk rules to implement OL CH. 118 (2019)

Notice of Permanent Rule
Notice of Permanent Rule ​

​Minor statutory changes

Amendments to Division 50 to clarify, correct; to repeal rule no longer needed

The Bureau of Labor and Industries will gladly let you know about any administrative rules changes or proposals we have in the works and refer you to our website where you can view the proposed changes.

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