In an effort to help increase the number of construction professionals in the State of Oregon, the 2018 Legislature passed HB 4144.

This law temporarily waives the pre-license training and application fee for sole proprietors with eight years of full time residential or small commercial construction experience, who are applying for a new residential contractor license. The applicants must still take the exam, and meet the other licensing requirements.

In addition, individuals who are licensed under this law, may qualify for additional incentives related to emerging small business loans through the Oregon Business Development Department, or financial support for workforce training through the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

To apply for this license, the application below must be completed and submitted along with one or more Verification of Experience for the Construction Workforce Enhancement Program forms, which is also below. The Verification of Experience forms must be completed, signed AND notarized by employers who are verifying the required eight years of full time construction experience. 

This law is effective on January 1, 2019, and ends on January 2, 2022.