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As a home inspector, you must complete 30 continuing education units in the 24 months prior to your certification expiration date.  These classes must be from approved providers in approved subject areas. 

Accredited colleges and universities, as well as federal, state or local government agencies, are all approved. Additionally, certain private education businesses​ are approved to offer courses.

How can I earn home inspector continuing education credits? 

These are ways to earn continuing education as a home inspector: 

  1. Complete classes in approved subject areas from approved providers​. One unit is granted for each clock hour of instruction.
  2. Accompany a plumbing, electrical or heating/air conditioning contractor who is licensed with the Oregon Building Codes Division on a repair or maintenance job that lasts a minimum of four hours.
  3. Host ride-alongs with home inspector applicants.
  4. Serve as an officer for an Oregon or a national home inspector professional trade association. One unit is granted for each year of service. 

Can I take online courses? 


​What are the approved subject areas for home inspector credit? 

These are approved subject areas: Home inspection, report writing, communication skills, business practices, construction, renovation, lead-based paint, legal issues, ethics, building codes, and home inspector standards.  

Classes in approved subjects must be relevant to your work as a home inspector.  For example, classes in mold and wood-destroying organisms (termites and other pests) are approved because they are relevant to your work. No classes in pesticides are approved because the standards do not require home inspectors to apply pesticides.

How do I prove completed education? 

When you receive your certification renewal notice, complete the renewal form and submit copies of your course completion certificates. Detailed instructions are included with the renewal form. 

Acceptable documentation

College courses: Send a copy of the college transcript (official or unofficial) with the appropriate course(s) highlighted. The document should indicate the name of the school, course title, name of the home inspector, passing grade, number of credit hours, and when the course was completed. 

Other courses/workshops/seminars: Send a copy of the completion certificate. The certificate should contain the name of the school/organization, specific course title (not “July workshop”, “Bend seminar”, etc.); name of the home inspector; date the course was completed; and actual hours of the course or the number of education units granted. Also acceptable is a letter on the providers’ letterhead with the same information.   

Ride along: Submit the Home Inspector Continuing Education Ride-Along Credit form if you:

  • accompanied a licensed Building Codes Division (BCD) plumbing, electrical or heating/air conditioning contractor on a repair or maintenance job or
  • hosted a ride-along for a home inspector applicant

Officer of a home inspector trade association: If you served as an officer of an Oregon or national home inspector professional trade association, submit a copy of a letter from the association that states the office held and dates served (month/year to month/year). The letter must be on the association’s letterhead and signed by another officer. 

What happens if I don't complete home inspector continuing education?

If you do not document at least 30 education units:

  • Your certification will expire. 
  • The CCB may fine you up to $5,000 for each home inspection performed while the inspector is not certified.