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Choosing an educator

Click on name to visit the website or call to learn more about that educator's class. It's a good idea to research several options. Price is only one factor to consider; another is service, instructor interaction, including when staff will be available to answer your questions. Consider your individual learning style and the degree of instructor interaction that will best suit your needs.

  • Live classes typically offer a greater degree of instructor interaction compared to the self-study options.
  • Self-study by mail is best suited for those who simply need the study manual and minimal instruction.
  • Self-study online provides additional instruction through online courses.

About the exam

Most pre-license candidates complete the 16-hour training and then take the test at a PSI location. The PSI open-book exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions. You will have three hours to complete the exam. You must answer 70% of the exam questions correctly to pass. This PDF shows topics covered and the number of questions covered under each topic. For more information about taking the test with PSI, review the Student Bulletin.pdfStudent Bulletin - Spanish.pdf.

The Clackamas Community College SBDC program combines studying and testing. The course is completed in segments, and each segment is followed with a test. This alternative format can benefit students who have difficulty in traditional testing situations, or who have minimal experience studying and testing. For more information about this alternative testing format please contact the Clackamas Community College SBDC.

Online and Self-Study​

Cost with manual
*Shipping may be extra

Cost without manual​

Self-study: Online​

Self-study: By mail





​N/A - purchase separately
$25​​No www.123ContractorEducation.com971-351-9040​
N/A - purchase separately$45​​NoA Contractors Coach360-521-6668​
​$84 $24​No​ OnlineEd.com503-670-9278 ​
​$85 ​N/A No​At Your Pace Online 877-724-6150​
​$99$49​ No​ ! RocketCert 800-495-6612​​​
​$119 $59​​No
$129N/A​​​✔No​ A Better Way Contractor Training​​541-420-1455

800-952-0910​ ​
​$135​$57​NoConstruction Contractors Network​​​​​
$139​​$59 No​ www.oregonccbtraining.com503-606-6318​
​$145-180, depending on location​​​N/A​✔
​Bend: 541-389-1058
Klamath Falls: 541-884-8570
Medford: 541-773-2872
Portland: 503-684-1880
Salem: 503-399-1500
​No 4 Seasons LLC​888-255-2122​
​No Builders License Training Institute800-727-7104​​
N/A - purchase separately​​$149Spanish only123ContractorEducation971-351-9040​
​$175 $175​
(Need computer but not Internet)
No​ Abby's Business Center, Inc.​503-397-3252​​
​NoOnline Contractor Training​​​​
​$255N/A​​NoTreasure Valley Community College SBDC
​$299​$199​Yes Casaflex703-552-8957​​
​$350​N/A Spanish only​Licencias de Negocios - Soluciones Latinas​ 503-427-0071​ ​
​$385 ​$325
Spanish only​ Hispanic Construction Contractors of Oregon 1-877-879-4226​​​
 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​  ​

​ ​ ​ ​ ​Live Classes

​Cost with manual​​

Cost without manualSpanish Name​ Live Online
​$250​$200​No OmniLLCWest Salem, OR

​$329​N/A​No ​Linn-Benton Community College SBDC Albany, OR

​$350$350​No​A Contractors CoachVancouver,
​$355​N/A​No Tillamook Bay Community College SBDC Tillamook, OR
​503-842-8222, ext. 1420
​$360​$305​No Chemeketa Community College ​Salem, OR

​$360​$335No​Abby's Business Center, Inc. ​Portland, OR


​$399​N/ASpanish or English Central Oregon Contractor Training​Bend, OR
Redmond, OR

$385$325​Spanish onlyHispanic Construction Contractors of Oregon​​ 1-877-879-4226​

​$450​$372No​Rogue Community College​Grants Pass/
White City, OR
​N/A$450​Spanish or EnglishClackamas Community College SBDC​ (Harmony campus)**​YesMilwaukie,
​$475$450​No​Umpqua Community College SBDC
Yes​Roseburg, OR
​$500​$450Spanish or EnglishAlliance 1, LLC​Woodburn, OR

​$550​$500Spanish only​Prospera NW Consulting Group
​Portland, OR

​$550​$500Spanish only​Licencias de Negocios​Yes