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Lead abatement and inspections

Most contractors that work on homes or child-occupied facilities built before 1978 need a Lead-Based Paint Renovation license. However, some activities require a different type of lead license.

Lead abatement, for example, intends to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. Abatement is sometimes ordered by a state or local government, and can involve specialized techniques not typical of most residential contractors.

The EPA requires firms (contractors) and their employees who perform abatement projects or inspections involving pre-1978 target housing and child-occupied facilities to hold specialized lead-based paint activities licenses and follow specific work practices.

Business license types

Lead inspection contractor license 

This license is for contractors that inspect structures for lead-based paint and prepare reports on its findings. This contractor must have an employee who holds a lead inspector contractor license or a risk assessor license, depending on the extent of the review. Inspectors can verify the presence and extent of lead while an assessor goes into more detail about the hazards and how to eliminate them. 

Lead abatement contractor license

This is for contractors that are permanently eliminating lead-based paint hazards. This contractor must have an employee who holds a lead supervisor license. Any employees working under the supervisor must hold a lead worker license. 

How to get a license

Businesses must obtain a business/firm certification from the Oregon Health Authority and then be licensed by the CCB.  

Individuals must take training and become certified through Oregon Health Authority. In addition, they must  obtain a license from the CCB.

Business CCB license applications

Individual CCB license application

CCB Fees

Contractors pay an annual fee of $50 for a one-year lead abatement or lead inspector license. The individual licenses (risk assessor, inspector, supervisor) cost $50 a year. The lead worker license costs $25 a year.