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Capital Finance & Planning (Formerly Capital Investment)
About Us

The Capital Finance and Planning Section (CFPS) has direct responsibility for managing several independent financing programs, coordinating statewide budgeting for bonds and capital construction, and coordinating statewide facilities planning.

DAS is responsible for approval of state Article XI-Q bonds and other financing agreements. XI-Q bonds are the primary source for financing state facilities and capital equipment (excluding article XI-G and XI-F bonds for Higher Education).  CFP coordinates issuance of State Lottery Bonds and Tax Anticipation Notes (TANs).  CFP also administers the Pension Obligation Bond Program.
Resources for Agencies
Intent Resolutions (pdf)
Finance Agreements Approval Form-CIS101(ORS 283.087) (doc) 
Accounting for Debt and Capital Assets

Accounting and Reporting of Capital Assets (pdf)
Long-term Debt Training (pdf)
Recording Debt Service Payments and Amortization (pdf)

Resources for Policy Makers
Debt Capacity ~ State Debt Policy Advisory Commission Report (pdf)
State Bonding in Oregon (pdf) 
Bond Issuance / Capital Construction Overview (pdf) 

Contact Us

Jean Gabriel, Capital Finance & Planning Manager
(503) 378-3107 
Lyndon Troseth, Financial Coordinator
(503) 378-3105 
Mark Miedema, Finance Analyst
(503) 378-4735

Rhonda Nelson, Finance Analyst
(503) 378-8927

Alice Wiewel, Director of Facilities Planning
(503) 383-6513

Daniel Christensen, Senior Planner
(503) 378-8981

Gene VanGrunsven, Data Analytics and Systems Analyst
(503) 383-5439

Keith Johnston, Facilities Planning Specialist
(503) 378-2414

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Regulatory Resources and Policies

Req. Bonds in Budget

XI-Q General Oblicgation Bonds (Q Bonds) Payment Procedure
1099-MISC Reporting

Article XI-Q Procedures - March 2015

Bonds 101 - Federal Tax Code & Related Program Considerations

IRS Compliance Guide; Tax-Exempt Bonds

Administrative Rule (OAR)

Capital Assets & Bond Proceeds Policy

OR Accounting Manual

SEC Rule 15c2-12


Other Financing Agreements Policies and Procedures

Arbitrage Compliance Policies

State Agency/Grantee Responsiblities

General Recordkeeping Requirements and Asset Valuation

Rebate Liability and Payments

Investments, Reserves & Bona Fide Debt Service Funds

Build America Bonds

Timing and Use of Proceeds